MoonBlog 32.2 restraint

It is becoming self-evident how correct it is for me to be alone most of the time. How fluid life becomes, and living it, being me most/all the time. How correct it is to only connect with others, when it is correct, and not when it is a distraction, or becomes one.

And I do also mean with a lover or partner, or even a fuck-buddy. What a distraction this can become from being in your flow.

Not that I do not miss being with another, deeply, especially to love and fuck with a beautiful woman, but recognizing how correct it is to be, me.

What a drain on energy it is to maintain certain relationships, interactions, when this maintenance is only requiered from the mind, from ego perhaps. How it is veiled up, this need to maintain, by a perceived lack or a fear, or just another mental fad, an idea, a concept, a construct.

The love is real, the love does not fade, there simply is no energy, no consistent energy to maintain anything. Nor is there a need for that (!).

Perhaps it is conditioning to behave in certain ways, to constantly need to re-affirm the being together, to confirm the desire love and lust for one another, by repeating day after day, after day, after day the being together, of being in contact even together. Wheter In Real Life or in aura, or be it through skype, email, facebook, whatsapp, text, telephone, all these technologies, to constantly be ‘together’, be with the other.

And, only through a break-up, a cut of the sword, and all previous connecting forms deleted, purged, ignored, blacklisted, canned and trashed, does one become apparant, how cool it is to be you, to be fully you, yourself.

While still missing the other, or the kind of connections one makes when becoming more intimate. The levels of sharing, exchanging more innermosts, secrets perhaps, but pondering and thoughts, sharing of the experiences and interpretations of ones activities and perceptions.

While seeing, ever more clearly as the fog of this lover, or that lover, the fog of yourself, slowly lifts to reveal, you, just simply and bare, you. And what a joy of a ride it is to be you, pulsating, alive, relaxed, breathing, you.

Open to connect, but on the basis of connecting when connecting, without any force or thought of need or must or fear within. With nothing to prove or disprove, nothing to adhere to, no need to confirm nor deny. It’s not personal, it’s mechanical

Take it easy baby, take it as it comes. No if’s.

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MoonBlog 32.2 restraint

To live our design, is to live in a continuous state of surprise of what is correct for us, of what turns out to be correct for us. It will surprise us, because our mind has no concept of understanding how it operates, and it does not need to have this concept either. It is a functioning, a processing, it simply operates. Living our Design means to go out into the world, without attachment to anything other than the revelation, the consequence, the surprise of our Inner Authority. Of what shows up and how.

Not living our Design means to attach to real or imagined concepts, as a safety net or rope to guide us along something we find deeply frightful. But unfortunately, the concepts are not helping, they are just a construct, they are not real, not in terms of supporting us in any way. Not in the long run, and not nearly by far as true as the result of applying our Strategy, it can’t be.
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Moon Blog 32.2

Just because one uses the alphabet does not make one’s words poetry

Just because one uses Human Design information does not make one’s forecast hold any truth
But energy will go where it will flow, and one can be too ignorant to even be shamed
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