MoonBlog 32.2 restraint

To live our design, is to live in a continuous state of surprise of what is correct for us, of what turns out to be correct for us. It will surprise us, because our mind has no concept of understanding how it operates, and it does not need to have this concept either. It is a functioning, a processing, it simply operates. Living our Design means to go out into the world, without attachment to anything other than the revelation, the consequence, the surprise of our Inner Authority. Of what shows up and how.

Not living our Design means to attach to real or imagined concepts, as a safety net or rope to guide us along something we find deeply frightful. But unfortunately, the concepts are not helping, they are just a construct, they are not real, not in terms of supporting us in any way. Not in the long run, and not nearly by far as true as the result of applying our Strategy, it can’t be.

Gate 32 of continuity, duration. The only thing which endures is change.

Gate 32 Line 2 restraint
Exalted; The control of power for the benefit and enhancement of harmony. The potential for transformation that may be beneficial to others.
Detriment: A tendency in frustration, particularly from a position of strength, to social withdrawal rather than persistent control. The frustration with controls or being controlled.