The notion, as sometimes told/taught in Human Design, that your Gates on the Personality side are something you/your mind can identify with, and the description of the Design side Gates are something your family easier identify you with, is something else than presuming there are Types in either separated sides of our Human Design Bodygraph, and I am amused how this information can be shared here without any comment on it. But then it also took a Lunar Cycle to get back into this group.

Only in the quantum of the whole Design which includes both Personality and Design calculations do we arrive at Type, and it is only through this combination that the Aura has a specific functioning. Aura functioning…

And this Aura functioning is detectable. If you are lets say a Generator, I can detect you Sacral buzz. If you would be mistaken for a Projector in both Design and Personality individually but combined are a Generator, it is not true that you yourself will only detect you being a Projector and I will also detect you (only) as a Projector. That is using the information described above in our minds and running with it and making stuff up to seek meaning and purpose when there is none.

This interesting but false assumption actually goes directly against all the information we know about our auric functioning, ie Type as it exists and is described and taught in Human Design in the first place.

There is no unconscious or conscious Type, there is no functioning as a Manifestor in your Design and Generator functioning in only/just our Personality side, and combined you are a Manifesting Generator. It is simply not true. Does it look like a Type in either side on the surface of the picture, yes it can be. Can you have a Conscious Projector Channel and an Unconscious Projector Channel but still be a Manifestor, yes absolutely. But functioning is really something else, we are not this or that Type on and in any of those individual calculations.

It is the Magnetic Monopole holding us in the illusion of our separateness of the division of the Personality and the Design, of the identified mind and the body. We are not separate, and we are not this Type here and that Type there, in our waking reality. We are one Type, our whole lives (Sleep Design is different). We can’t say; my body moves like a Projector but thinks like a Generator. Well yes, we can say it, but is it true?

To say to see ourselves as a Reflector on the Personality side, where does this ‘seeing’ actually take place? Is it in our eyes? Is it in a Center, and if so, in which Center? Do we then function as if all our centers are always open, both for their wisdom as well as their openness for conditioning? Do we then have a Teflon like Aura effect and ability in our Personality, but not in our Design side? Do we really?

Any takers?

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