Nothing ever is similar. It is the minds desire for sameness and homogenization, to run away from the horrors of individuality (so it perceives this).

No Reflector is alike, no open Center has similar experiences. We can let go of these notions, and get on the path of uncovering ones uniqueness. Human Design is not yet another profiling tool where you are different on the surface but then can huddle and group together with ‘identical different people’.

That would be the mind wanting to believe this and aiming and even working towards such experiences. To hide away in the sameness of being (called) different, and have polite conversations over tea. That is not individuation and living out your design. That is just more mind tripping and seeking comfort for our fears as opposed to uncovering and learning more about our fears, knee-jerks, immoral desires and non-social traits.

Moon Blog 10.5

Gate 10 of the behaviour of the self, treading
The underlying code of behaviour which ensures successful interaction despite circumstances

Gate 10 Line 5 The heretic. Direct and overt challenge to norms.
Exalted: The ability to succeed through the understanding and expression of higher principles. Principled behaviour which directly challenges tradition.
Detriment: The burning at the stake. Behaviour which directly challenges behaviour and is eventually punished.