MoonBlog 10.5

Nothing ever is similar. It is the minds desire for sameness and homogenization, to run away from the horrors of individuality (so it perceives this).

No Reflector is alike, no open Center has similar experiences. We can let go of these notions, and get on the path of uncovering ones uniqueness. Human Design is not yet another profiling tool where you are different on the surface but then can huddle and group together with ‘identical different people’.

That would be the mind wanting to believe this and aiming and even working towards such experiences. To hide away in the sameness of being (called) different, and have polite conversations over tea. That is not individuation and living out your design. That is just more mind tripping and seeking comfort for our fears as opposed to uncovering and learning more about our fears, knee-jerks, immoral desires and non-social traits.
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Moon Blog 10.5

Who are we to decide what is correct for others to do, or not do?

Who are we to tell doctors and teachers what to change?

If we do not like what they do or want, and want them to do what we want, are we not the same?

Are we not the same as them doing to others, when we want them to change?

Be it children or a developer, there is always a logical reason.

But who are we to meddle, who are we to decide what someone should or should not do?

Why are we in opposition?

Why are we in constant opposition with things in our lives but out of our hands?

This is not about apathy, this is about authority.

who are you? Who are you to even protest? What are you protesting for?

With a poem, a song, a riot, or a gun, who are you to want to change the world?
by force (!)
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