MoonBlog 46.3 Projection

Writing about Human Design is not as easy as it may seem. Besides it being an art, it is not easy to write in such a way, that what is said is actually true. And particularly mechanically correct, because this is about the description of mechanical functioning. And most people botch it up, they turn phrases around as if that is possible, as if the reverse is also true, or confuse functioning with meaning. But most of all, one tends to write about what they believe to be true with no real way of knowing or being able to verify. But it does sound nice for the story loving mind, so people continue, and if ‘everyone’ else gives them praise for it, then why should your one negatively perceived comment have any value? As you might see, the psychology to explain away with more mind and reasoning runs deep, very deep.

Another pitfall is that if it makes sense to the mind, it is therefor true. And if we then repeat it often enough and have a persuasive way of speaking, or writing, then everyone else also believes it to be true, as we continue to communicate on the mental level, alone. And several things I’m about to say will make no sense to some, but I’ll try and give an example first:

Strawberries are red. Strawberries are sweet when ripe. Strawberries are beautiful.

Most of us will agree with the 3 statements. But the last statement is a judgment. It is personal and subjective. It is not true for everyone. True perhaps for most people, maybe even 95% of the population on Earth. But it is not (therefor) a truth. And it is also not a truthful conclusion, however logical it may sound to our minds, it is not a given sequence that always works. Someone might have an allergy, or gets shivers just from looking at them, or as they touch the outside of them. As it freaks them out, deep in and from their core being, perhaps when they taste or smell them. Truthfully.

The same is true with Human Design descriptions. Some are true, some are simply false. But many people relatively easy go along with what is said, and the writer also believes what came up from their sometimes powerful minds, and run with it. While the reader tries to apply what is said. because what is said sounds true, it sounds like a general truth. And therefor I must …

One reply I once got was: “You and I may be singing a similar tune, just at a different octave, and for a different audience.” which again, sounds nice, it even sounds true, but it is not. It is another trick of our minds to explain away, to condone our own behaviour, to self justify with reason(s). The mind can come up with so many reasons for explaining why it does this, and that. Which brings me to another point. To be able to perceive when the mind is coming up with reasons, when it shifts into gear to make them up, to find and express, to give excuses. Can we catch our-self doing so? Or can we relax in maybe not knowing? Or even in knowing it is just our minds making stuff up to escape the agony of being caught red-handed in the cookie jar?

Whether you talk to someone new in Human Design, or you talk with someone not so new in Human Design, truth remains singular. This is not true for newbies while this is only true for not newbies. However, yes, we can say the same truth with different words to this person than to that person, of-course. But what is said can not be other than the exact same. It is one of the things I appreciate in Human Design and I perceive a sense of safety through it, so I can be me, I can be safe to be me, which sets it apart from many other tools, or systems. This is how your aura functions, this is your Type, this is Gate 47, this is your Digestion. There are no 2 ways about it. It is actually very simple. Simple to learn it, simple to apply it, simple to test and verify for yourself.

But that gets quite difficult if people start telling things that are not true, not even remotely true, but wonderful soundbites of seeming truth, but utter and complete bullshit. When the one writing or speaking does not understand the difference between their own beliefs and their own experiences. And then our EgoMind blocking the way for truth realization. Throwing a fit, a blockade, a clearly defined obstruction, which you may guess, is filled and piled up, constructed with beliefs. Not easy to see and perceive that this is what is going on at times.

And, how the experience of those Centers and Gates and Transits are, and someone with an undefined Splenic Center or a Defined Throat is completely individual. And this is something not many people understand. There are uncountable ways in how the expression of a Gate or a Center plays out In Real Life (IRL) and what your personal experience is of it. This Manifestor is not like that Manifestor, but many of the writings are very persuasive into having you believe they are. As the writer believes it to be so also. Many of the non Jovian writers that is, and then some Jovians too though. Which is not about Us or Them, but it is about seeing that some of it is made up by beliefs, and wishful mindfucking. And some is not.

Human Design is not psychology, but there are psychological effects (o yes). Some people write as if it is psychology though, as they delve deeper and deeper into the mind, stuck in the descriptions of this and that, without ever suggesting to apply it, to let the body function and ‘speak’. To become aware of it’s signals. It is explained as if through mentally understanding the function of something that therefor it does function like that. Leaving the mind in control of body functioning all over again. And then most of the explanations are all psychology and no body functioning to begin with.
A quote:

The white centers in your Bodygraph are called Open Centers.

Like highly sensitive ‘energy-receiving hubs,’ your Open Centers remain faithfully ‘open’ to the influence of the world around you. More often than not, they point to the people, energies and aspects of life that you find most attractive. Not just you, but your genes! You could say that your reproductively driven body is always looking to hook up with people who are defined in the areas where you are not, in order to mix up and positively mutate the gene pool. (They don’t say ‘opposites attract’ for no reason!)” (from: The Open Centers – Rosy Aronson)

I have more than one issue with this text and they are:
-Open Centers do not remain faithfully Open, they can get severely clogged up with the conditioning through a lifetime and therefor become full, not defined, but full and not nearly faithfully functioning as if open, at all.
-In Human Design it is said ‘you are attracted to what you are not’ which as an example is for instance to have Gate 48 and be on the lookout for Gate 16 on the other side of the Channel. A Defined Center to be attracted to its Undefined counterpart in any other. But we can not say that ‘you find most attractive’ because then we have flipped back into mental discernment and judgment. You finding anything is mind, and we are talking about mechanical body functioning, not mentally pleasing. Now yes ‘but your genes’ is added, but the first part of the sentence remains untrue, false even, and gives the impression for so many people that what they think is attractive is correct for them. In their minds…
-You could say, bullshit. You can not say that, it is not true that you(r body) is -always- “looking to hook up with people who are defined in the areas where you are not”. I’m a Reflector with 9 Undefined Centers and I know someone with 9 Defined Centers. He is not by definition good for me, or even attractive, not even to my genes. It is simply bullshit (!) It is making up stuff to make a point which is gone way over the top and aggrandized. For what? It is, not, true. They also say ‘last one in the water is a rotten egg’. Does not make it true either. Saying something does not make it true. People say lots of things for no reason, brain-farting away.

What strikes me as interesting, is that several people make great efforts to write many texts, pondering over them, countless hours of focus and concentration, such creativity and expression. But to receive feedback that is not congratulating or celebrating them is a no go. Some even only accept positive feedback, openly !

It is not easy to write in a way that is correct, and I applaud anyone trying, however some are truly stuck in believing such untruths, and even market them as selling points explaining their difference with this or that. How their interpretation (!) of Human Design washes whiter than white, better than this version, or that one. If Human Design is true, then there are no versions, only different ways in which it gets expressed in the life that is lived. Not made up, not contemplated, not how it makes sense. Lived.

Is it correct for you to receive some feedback on your essays…?

MoonBlog 46.3 (exalted)

Gate 46 of the determination of the self, pushing upward.
Good fortune that may perceived as the result of serendipity but derives from effort and dedication

Gate 46 Line 3: Projection
Exalted: A practical approach to good fortune, that maintains the same patterns and attitudes that brought success and does not get sidetracked by indulging in further expectations. The determination to stay with what brings success.
Detriment: A tendency through projection to treat a potential future as the present, leading to unjustified egoism and the loss of momentum and support. The determination to treat a projected success as a reality.