As long as we wish, we’re in the mind, making decisions from the mind, which is not what -you- are about. While as we speak about it mean to say something different but use these words for it, language can be like that, as that too is a part of our conditioning, where we think to say and mean one thing, but actually say something else.

As long as we wish and decide, our mind is in control. As long as we reason with needing and having to, it is only the mind doing so. And usually in hindsight making up excuses for our behavior we have just done, seconds ago, as we justify it, seek to justify it.

Whereas being able to accept, to let it -all- in and through and out, without any form of control on it/them… is something else.

Uncover how you function, correctly, and follow through on it. While my mind tells me all these lies, and I have learned to accept the obscurity of my centers, the lies, and the doings in an attempt to keep control over my life, wow, vast stuff this, and the consequences, to see them, how deep this all runs and plays out.

But it’s the obscurity of the mind putting a veil over it (!) it is all there, functioning, but the mind is butting in, as first responder to decide what is what, to make (non)sense out of the experiences

Accept, view, observe and be (non doing)

I truly am not who I think I am, while I continue to behave like it…

Moon Blog 3.5

Gate 3 of Ordering, difficulty at the beginning. The fundamental challenge of initiation is to transcend confusion and establish order

Gate 3 Line 5 Victimization, When actions designed to overcome confusion alienate others.
Exalted: The courage to stand by one’s convictions. The unique energy of individuality to withstand confusion.
Detriment: The Earth in detriment, where victimization leads to appeasement and suffering. Confused energy which is dominated by the ordering power of others.