Ra’s Words of Wisdom – The Reflector

I don’t want to leave out Reflectors. I always give them short shrift, this 1% of humanity. But then again, 1% of humanity is really 70 million people. It’s a lot; there are a lot of them in the world. They are so different that it’s almost the “Reflector Design System‟, instead of the Human Design because they are so different. We tend to look, that is, those of us that have any kind of Definition, we tend to look at all that openness and say, “Oh, my,” because our openness brings that to us. Yet, it only brings that to us because it is a counterpoint to our Definition. Openness is not a counterpoint to anything, in that sense, for the Reflector. They are open. They are quintessentially open.

And there is some nice irony in that. That is, while they are totally open in the way in which their body graph operates, that their aura itself, this is the Teflon. This is the aura where you just touch the surface. This is a sampling aura. As a matter of fact, Reflectors are designed specifically to be impacted by the program, much more than the impact that comes from the aura of other human beings.

Again, like the Manifestor, Manifestor and Reflectors auras will keep people away unless they insist. It’s just something to understand about them. It’s not like you can’t get in there and influence them in terms of aura-to-aura contact—the typical partnership chart—it’s not like they’re blocking that off. You can get in if you get past their protection system.

And when you’re dealing with a Reflector, the Reflector would rather be in the wind of the program that moves its Reflector sail in its life than to be caught up in what happens to them when they have to deal with the other. And in many ways, because of the mystical importance of Reflectors, is that Reflectors are here to take in the program and measure it against the sample of humans that they meet.

Reflectors have a different role in this life. They work in a different time frame. Its common Type knowledge that Reflectors, in their decision making process, need to wait out a full cycle of the moon. It’s very different; a very different time frame. They have a very different way of processing information.

And the moon is important for them because obviously, because of all of their openness, the moon goes around the wheel the fastest of all the objects and it means that in a lunar cycle all the possibilities of Definition in their chart. So when the moon is in the 48, or when the moon is in the 57, or when the moon is in the 10, and so forth and so on, that they have a regular cycle—14 times a year approximately— of lunar activations that go through and highlight their mapping in a certain ritual, one thing after the other. So they may be Splenic followed by being Throat dominated or G dominated or Emotional. In other words, they go through a specific cycle.

But, as children, it is so difficult for them. They’re so absorbed. After all, the Reflector is not here to be absorbed and overwhelmed by the physical human domain. And yet, as children, they are. Of course, this is the only Type that automatically comes into the world with an undefined G. It comes into the world not knowing if it’s in the right place with the right beings. And it’s something to understand about all Reflector incarnations that these are special forces in the day-to-day life in the nature of being that are absolutely essential but have very, very weak connections to the forces that bring them into the world.

It’s difficult for them; very difficult for them as children. They need to be in the middle and not necessarily approached. To raise a Reflector correctly, that’s quite a journey. The beauty for the Reflector is that almost all Reflectors that I know find this intimacy with the program as they mature. In other words, more and more they become aligned to the world that we live in. In fact, Reflectors are more aligned to the world we live in than anyone else, in the sense that because humanity is not-self and because humanity operates as a puppet on the string of the program, that no one is more deeply connected to what the strings are and what’s attached than the Reflector.

[It’s why, now for example, on Jovian Radio there is a Reflector doing the neutrino forecast.] It is their potential; it is their gift. The most important thing in meeting Reflectors and particularly in meeting adult Reflectors, because adult Reflectors can really be helped, it is much easier to help an adult Reflector that has been through the conditioning of family life than just about any other Type. And the moment you introduce to them the obvious of their mechanics, that everything about what they’ve been through immediately falls into place. And they begin a long process.

And like the Projector, it is a theme of non-energy Types that knowledge is essential for them. They have to learn. Where for the Projector the study of the knowledge has to be very broad, in other words, they have to go very deep over the full spectrum, for the Reflector it’s different. My advice when I deal with adult Reflectors is to make sure they get themselves a computer program so that they can have an ephemeris in which they can draw out for themselves their cycle, watch it carefully, see how the program influences them. In other words, they need to understand the way the transit field operates and the impact of the transit field on them.

Surprisingly they do not need, for example, to have any kind of explanation of what the planets do, or what planets are like. The reality is that the Reflector has an ability to learn all these things themselves just by being tuned into the program and taking it in into their natural receptivity to the program. Out of that will come their own realization and their own depth of knowledge. So, for the non-energy Types, information, knowledge, is something that can be very healing, can be something that can be truly nurturing for them as they slowly comes to grips with their Strategy and Authority.

It’s been nice to share the basics with you. But I want to leave you with one thing. There are those that think that Strategy and Authority and the deep focus that Human Design has on Strategy and Authority is a kind of slogan that too much information, too much emphasis I should say is placed on Strategy and Authority. I want to tell you something. We cannot emphasize it enough. It is what it’s all about. As I said, the science is wonderful. The knowledge is beautiful and it can be deeply entertaining, let alone revealing to probe the knowledge. But it’s not what it’s all about.

I know so many people who in the study of knowledge miss the truth. The truth here is how you operate. If you operate according to your Strategy and your Authority this is what changes the life. It’s the only thing that changes the life. And it’s the message that will always be the message of this knowledge: Strategy and Authority. All of you, wherever you are from early morning California to Australia at dinnertime, you all have a good day. I look forward to seeing you next week. Bye for now.

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