Some people have this sense that they are not the killer monkeys some of us claim we all are, as a species.

And I get this sense that those people are indeed not, how they are not the hierarchic killer mob, not the follow the leader do as I say kind of monkeys, whether that leader has been voted in democratically or the role has been taken by force or corruption. Where each individual has a specific role and place, and all are wanted and needed, and sacrifices are made, consciously for the common good of the group, this ‘ruff n tuff’ looking band of killer monkey brothers and sisters,

but they are killer bunnies….

Seemingly fluffy and fun, woolly and love-able, clinging to the act of rituals to invoke and force the happiness upon this earth through sheer will driven by their lurking and dishonored discontent but capable of stamping their bunny feet throwing temper tantrums through their sense of entitlement, and emotional immaturity.

Eating up all the crop with no regard whatsoever for things beyond their own hopping little lives, seeking security through living in burrows the power of the many and when an enemy comes and they all run around like mad, or in circles, one or two or five get sacrificed, as a normalcy with no regard for the individual and a feigned memorial ritual can sort out the apparent illusive sense of loss.

No group belonging, there is no group effort, there is no leader, and all are on their own, within the illusion of a cohesive colony of killer bunnies, where all are defenseless when it comes down to it, and their only survival is made by fucking and breeding like rabbits while claiming sophistication in comparison to the apes, in the other Human Design FaceBook groups.

MoonBlog 38.4

Gate 38 of the fighter, opposition. The ability to preserve individual integrity through oppoition to detrimental forces

Gate 38 Line 4 investigation. Analysis which strengthens opposition.
Exalted: The detective who develops or the insider who accepts a joint opposition whose success can only be based on trust. The energy to recognize who can be of value in times of struggle.
Detriment: The aggressiveness in opposition that prejudices investigation and limits trustworthiness. The power of adrenalin to provoke aggressiveness.