MoonBlog 30.5 Irony

When people think it’s about the shininess of the content of the bargain they propose
but it’s all about the initiation, which is irrelevant to you or the contents themselves.

It is simply correct, or, not correct.

Not because of the shiny things you offer, or the results you propose.
Correctness does not care about the this & that of it.

add-on/edit: unless the bargain is sex… I guess, then yes, promised shiny results are key 😉

But when you try to bargain something that is not sex, aahh well
get ready to be surprised 😀

Gate 30 of recognition of feelings. The clinging fire.
Freedom recognized as an illusion and limitation accepted as a fate
Gate 30 Line 5 Irony. Recognition and dedication to transitory goals.
Exalted: The strength derived from knowledge and experience that two steps forward and one step back, is still one step forward. Each new feeling brings back an old feeling before progress can take place.
Detriment: The anger engendered by the irony, frustration with its limitations and a desire to eliminate the entire process. Frustration and anger with the old feelings brought into the emotional awareness with each new experience.