MoonBlog 5.6 yielding

one day, one wakes up, to the inevitable
that one has been avoiding so long
or afraid of
tried to soften the blow
and there you sit
in your knickers

MoonBlog 5.6

Gate 5 of fixed rhythms, waiting. The fundamental attunement to natural rhythms. Waiting as an active state of awareness
Gate 5 line 6 yielding. Waiting is never free from pressure, physical or mental and is often punctuated by the unexpected.
Exalted: The growth of awareness that comes with bending to the universal flow. Accepting that in one’s fixed rhythm despite the pressures, growth will be empowered, and often through the unexpected. No polarity.
Detriment: There is no planet in detriment; each in its way, given the power of this position, will yield to the inevitable. No planet in detriment.