MoonBlog 41.4 Correction

in my perception, there is no snow
in my presence, in my body

there is no weather


there is snow
and the streets are slippery
walking is difficult
becoming bitter cold
at night, outside

there is no weather
not even windstil

there is
only absence
of weather

MoonBlog 41.4

Gate 41 of contraction, decrease. The limitation of resources which maximizes development of potential.
Gate 41 Line 4 correction. Successful adaptation to limitation.
Exalted: Survival of the fittest and its eventual flourishing. The energy for adaption and a deep feeling for survival.
Detriment: The expenditure of energy on maintaining relationships rather than on correction. In times of decrease weak associations are shunned as costly, no matter how attractive. The energy which fuels holding on to feelings rather than adapt.