MoonBlog 41.5

To rationalize our behaviour, particularly to others, as to clarify and justify what we do, is nothing but mind.

And deep down we know we’re just making it up, we’re trying out a white lie, to masquerade the bigger lie within.

Hiding the truth that is either barely known, or barely embraced.


And come up with whole scenarios of why it is so, definitively, really, truly. And in doing so, keeping the truth, our own inner truth well in place where we want it to belong, hidden.

Hidden from escaping, from being looked at, from being seen and so we assume; to be judged, talked about, frowned upon. As if our inner truths are something to be ashamed of, as if we need to hide or defend that which is perfectly true, for you.

A simple scratch at the surface, and all hell breaks loose. All of the hidden truths, the correct desires, the lusts, the wants and wishes come blurting out, in mangled up ways as we keep ourselves blocked away with psychological restraining orders from living our own truths.
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