MoonBlog 42.5

Isn’t empowerment just more identification?

We don’t -feel- more or less empowered, we -think- to be or not, and then we even call it ‘our experience’

For me, words and wording is very important, both in their meaning as we commonly accept as well as their potential energy. To distinguish between our minds games of latching on to certain made up meanings or beliefs of words and wording is all part of the ongoing experiment of living my Design. And to play with them and tackle them if and when hinted at or openly discovered. That is not a power play by far, but an interest and an enjoyment.

One of the things I am investigating in my experiment, is the notion that many of our concepts, are only mental, are only psychological in nature, and not an actual body experience.

Empowerment, being part of those, is thus an interpretation, and not a felt sense. And to strive for, or encourage empowerment is therefor just another trick of the mind to keep us locked in our opinionated prison, in the illusion of happiness while continuing to suffer greatly.
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