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It’s not about looking in the mirror and trying to figure out how to love yourself

An introduction to Human Design by David Wilson Barnes

“What is Human Design? First of all, don’t believe anything I’m about to tell you. Human Design is not to be believed, it’s not based on a belief system, it is to be experienced. It’s an empirical system that can be understood through experimentation and confirmation. And the reason for this is because existence is a mechanical process. And Human Design is the objective understanding of this mechanical process, it’s known as the science of differentiation, because it’s the science of understanding the extent of our individual uniqueness and how to take advantage of that uniqueness in life.

So everything you’re about to hear is simply a framework for a possibility. The possibility to discover how you are your own Authority in this life and how you don’t need anything or anyone else but yourself to guide you. And that self discovery and understanding the mechanical nature of who you are in relationship to all of existence is possible. And it’s possible through a simple practice that focuses your awareness and deepens your perception. With deepened perception comes deeper understanding. And with deeper understanding comes the greater possibility of a life that’s filled with satisfaction and success, a greater sense of inner peace and more pleasant surprises. Overall, just a much more fluent existence, with far less mental stress and greater physical health.

So what you’re looking at now is called the Bodygraph, it’s otherwise know as a Human Design Chart. So everyone on Earth has the same basic Bodygraph. It’s the shapes and the lines that connect those shapes and the numbers within those shapes, those are the same on every Chart. So what makes a Bodygraph unique are the elements that are then colored in and this is determined by the birth data that is supplied. It’s this data that defines each persons differentiation within the science of differentiation. And every completed Chart then becomes the blueprint of the mechanics of who a person is and how they function in the world, revealing each individuals place in the ongoing evolution of humanity. So unlike the transition from Neanderthal to Cro Magnon to Homo Sapiens, our most recent evolutionary leap was an internal one, there were no external changes in the physique, such a skull structure or bone density. And this is because we underwent an evolution in our capacity for awareness. It was an evolution in our field of consciousness. And the only physical manifestation of this evolution was the transition of humanity from being what we call 7 centered human being to being a 9 centered human being.

So we, you and I, are 9 centered human beings.

The Centers in the Human Design Chart are based on the Hindu Chakra system and this was discovered in India over 2500 years ago through the Hindu Vedic sciences, which described seven fields of subtle energies within the body or Chakras. And each field represented a different quality of our nature. In Human Design we don’t call them Chakras, we call them Centers. So this was the 7 centered human being. In the 7 centered human they focused on the navigation of life through mental strategies or decision making through the weighing of pros and cons and acting on the potential viability of those pros and cons. And all of our current institutions, so our churches, our schools, our governments, our morality, our ethics, these are all based on the 7 centered strategic mind. And today we’re still being educated from the 7 centered point of view. And this has effectively homogenized the entire Earth to navigate life through mental strategies of the 7 centered being and has built the world that we have now for better and for worse.

You know, there have been a lot of advancements in science, in medicine, in social organization, specially over the last 400 years. But then there’s the other side of that equation with all of its dysfunction and inconsistent and often disastrous results. So in the evolution of the 7 centered being to the 9 centered being, we went from our minds relative awareness being our Authority in decision making, to a system today in which our body’s instinctual awareness can now be relied on as the Authority for our decision making process. It all boils down to decision making.

Because the story of our life is simply a tapestry that is built on a sequence of events made from one decision to another. You know, you wake up in the morning and you decide what you want for breakfast, you decide what kind of socks you’re gonna wear and what route you might take to work that day. So from those seemingly small decisions to the larger ones of where you’re gonna live and what you’re gonna do with your life and who you’re gonna spent your life with. All of life is just decision making. But most everyone on Earth is still making decisions with the mind, you know, they’re using the old 7 centered strategic system. But decisions made with the mind, they always come with a degree of uncertainty. Because trying to predict outcomes by weighing pros and cons only brings clarity after the fact. You know, you make the decision and then; ‘Yes that worked’. ‘No that didn’t work’. ‘Yes that was a good decision’. ‘No that was a bad decision’. So it’s all a bit of a crap-shoot at the end of the day. And the bigger the decision, the bigger the uncertainty. And the greater the uncertainty, the greater the mental stress and the anxiety and the physical breakdown.

So what Human Design is offering, is an insight into the mechanics behind the art of decision making through your body’s individual, instinctual awareness. And this is all achieved through a simple practice that you experiment with over time. And it’s the only thing that one needs to utilize the full potential of what Human Design has to offer. So it doesn’t matter how much anyone knows about Human Design or how long they’ve been in this process, this practice is the only thing that matters, whether you’re a beginner or you’re 25 years into your experiment. And the practice is called; Strategy & Authority.

Strategy & Authority.

So Strategy & Authority is the only thing you need to start your journey in Human Design. And if it speaks to you, is the only thing you need to practice it for the rest of your life. It’s the key to Human Design and it unlocks the mechanics of your nature.

Everyone on Earth has a specific active Strategy that can guide them and a specific Inner Authority that they can surrender to for all decision making. And when you learn to trust your Design through experimenting with your Strategy and your Authority and surrendering to the innate wisdom of your body’s awareness, your mind is then no longer being pressured, is no longer being pressured to strategically predict the future for its survival. And this in turn expands your mind’s ability to take in its environment, this is literally an expansion of your consciousness. And in doing so, you’re increasing the potential for discovering purpose, either a new purpose or an increase sense of purpose in what your life has already become.

This is the possibility behind the Human Design System. And as I mentioned, don’t believe anything I’m telling you, Human Design is about practical knowledge, it either works, or it doesn’t and you’re the only person that can determine that, for you.” – David Wilson Barnes

transcript by Evelyne Beyer

What is left to ‘let go’ of?

“So I meet so many people around the world who are trying to let go of or release thoughts and feelings, they’re trying so hard to be free from thoughts and feelings. Of course that’s the mind’s version of freedom, that’s always the mind’s conversation with present experiences. ‘How can I be free from you? How can I be free from you, fear? Hey anger, how can I be free from you? Hey doubt, how can I free myself from you?’
So that’s how the mind conceives of freedom, it’s some kind of destination, some kind of goal.

So I’d like to shift the paradigm. What if freedom is not a goal? It’s not a destination? It’s not something that’s coming in the future, but freedom is actually your nature. So it’s no longer about, ‘How can I be free from thoughts and feelings? How can I free myself from judgmental thoughts or negative thoughts? How can I free myself from fear or sadness or shame?’
What if the true freedom actually lies in this allowing, allowing thoughts to be here, allowing feelings to be here. So you’re not trying to free yourself from thoughts and feelings but you are the freedom, you are by nature, it’s your nature, freedom. You are the freedom in which thoughts are allowed to come and go, feelings are allowed to come and go. The freedom in which fear is allowed to arise and fall, in which anger is allowed to appear and disappear. As if you were this great ocean of presence and every thought, every feeling was like a wave coming and going in your vast embrace and your ever present embrace.
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Human Design Unleashed – The Choice

The term “no choice” often gets thrown around in Human Design. But “No Choice” can only accurately be described from the Witness or Passenger perspective, a state that few humans possess. In this inaugural rant John Martin challenges the day-to-day use of “No Choice,” and suggests that there is one…Its Not What You THINK

The Choice or No Choice.
You know, like so many other things in Human Design there’s terms that get thrown around that are very very dangerous.
You know, when somebody states ‘No Choice’ as a Passenger, as a witness, as a differentiated frequency of their Form Consciousness, then the statement ‘No Choice’ can be incredibly true and I would have to concede the point ultimately yes there is no choice. You are sailing, sailing through your life from birth to death. You’ve been given a Trajectory, you are going there.

But like so many other things in Human Design where the information, the incredible Zen knowing that comes from that statement ‘No Choice’ simply empowers your mind like so many other pieces of Human Design that simply just is one more little bit of candy to keep you nicely comfortable asleep.

So I will challenge ‘No Choice’. I say there is a choice. The choice is to either let your mind run your life or to differentiate into a Form Conscious being. Now look, those two choices, very different. One will give you pain, the other will give you suffering.

To become a differentiated Form Consciousness, to put down the little teddy bears of your mind and wake up as yourself is not an easy task. It will be painful. All of your Open Centers, the addictions you’ve been feeding since birth are going to rebel. Your mind is going to rebel. It’s going to do everything it can to hold you hostage. To your own mind. To your own conditioning. To break free of those addictions, the addictions to those Open Centers and everything that you’ve been feeding that pain body, all of this time, is going to hurt.
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It’s not true, that there’s somebody in the subconscious

Bruce Lipton – Changing your mind

“…ecology, but there are two parts to the mind that are completely different than one another, yet they work together, we confuse them, we tie them together and yet they represent two entities working in two different fashions. There’s the conscious mind and what is called the subconscious mind. Now here’s what the very important people have to know this, okay, and here’s what it is:

The conscious mind is our creative mind that is connected to our personal identity and our spiritual selves, that makes us all unique. Each of us has our own personal conscious mind. But what becomes very significant is this; the subconscious mind is equivalent to a tape player, that’s exactly what it is. It records experiences and then plays them back.

And so now, let’s take a look and say, well wait, there’s a thinking mind and then there’s a tape player mind. And what’s different about them is very profound. So let’s talk about two fundamental differences first:
-The tape player, the subconscious mind, as an information processor, as the equivalent of a computer is a million times more powerful an information processor than is a conscious mind. So when you look at the power between the conscious and subconscious, subconscious is a million times more powerful.

-Number two, on a day-by-day bases the subconscious mind runs our biology about 95 to 99 percent of the time. So while you’re having all these wonderful thoughts, that’s not the conscious, the conscious mind is not running the show, it’s the subconscious mind. Then it comes an issue, well, the subconscious mind got programs in it, yes. The subconscious mind is not evil or good, the subconscious mind is a tape player as much as you can say; okay here’s a tape player, it’s good or bad. The tape player is not good or bad. The programs can be good and the programs can be bad. So blaming the subconscious mind as a negative thing, is the first mistake, it’s a tape player. The programs that we got, that’s the source of the problem that most of us face. These programs could limit our abilities and take away our powers, which essentially they do.

Now the relevance about positive thinking is this; positive thinking is a creative thought that comes from the conscious mind. Okay, so I sit here and I’m gonna have all these wonderful thoughts, I’m gonna close my eyes and visualize all these wonderful things. Stop and go back to the mechanical character of it:
(A) I’m having these thoughts with a little tiny processor called the conscious mind and (B) I’m competing with the programs that are in the subconscious mind.

So if I have a thought for being healthy or being in a good relationship and I’m doing positive thinking. And at the same time I’ve acquired programs in my development that said ‘you’re not as healthy as you think you are’ and ‘you’re not that good a person to have those kind of relationships’. Then look, I’m now pitting my positive thoughts against my programs and and their opposite. But this one works on a little tiny processor and this processor is a million times more powerful. So right away, who’s gonna win in that challenge? And the answer, of course the subconscious is gonna win.

But here comes the other part; while I can try to maintain positive thoughts in my life using my conscious mind, this conscious mind only operates less than 5 percent of the day. That says 95 percent or more of the day, I’m operating from the other belief system. The point is, do the math. How powerful are positive thoughts? And the answer is; unless the subconscious has the same programs and agreement as the conscious mind, power of positive thinking will not work. It will not work, because you’re competing against a much more powerful processor, okay.

And this is the problem, here comes, let’s add one more piece to the problem then it really manifests the big problem that people in this world are facing today, and that is; the conscious mind, the subconscious mind work together in tandem. Meaning, my conscious mind is, smaller processor as it is, can run any aspect of my biology. I can run anything. I can run my heartbeat right now for you. I can speed up and slow down my heartbeat. I can change my body temperature with my conscious mind. We used to think those were involuntary, that the body had a part of the brain that ran all the things and your conscious mind only ran things like your muscles. That’s not true. We now know that people who are very conscious can control every function in their body.

But here’s the problem; the conscious mind is a very small processor, the subconscious mind is a million times more powerful. You have to take care of your breathing, your heartbeat, your digestion, all your functions, your immune system, your respiration, your digestion, excretion, your conscious mind can’t focus on all that.

So the nature of it is, the function of the subconscious to carry out all the details and can carry out every one of the details, we could be essentially unconscious, which most people are, and our lives look exactly the same. Why? Because once you learn how to get dressed, you know how to get dressed. Once you know how to drive a car, you don’t have to be conscious how to drive a car, you already got the program. So everything that we learned our subconscious mind becomes automatic behavior. Meaning, it frees up the consciousness, so the consciousness doesn’t have to be dealing with all the tasks. Well when you free up the consciousness then you have time for creative thinking.

But here’s the issue, and this is the catch; when the consciousness is not focusing on some job or some task and let’s say it’s on a daydream mode, it’s thinking about your vacation next week. You’re going on vacation and you’re thinking about the plans of your vacation in your conscious mind. Well if your conscious mind is thinking about the vacation, who’s running the day to day, moment to moment life? The answer is, the subconscious.

But now here’s the catch; does the conscious mind observe the behavior as it automatically plays from the subconscious mind? And I go back to here, well where was your mind? It was thinking about the future. Well if it was thinking about the future, then it wasn’t paying attention, right? And the answer is, aha: the nature of the trade-off is, the subconscious mind can run everything when the conscious mind is busy. If the conscious mind is busy, it’s not paying attention and so when it’s not paying attention it does not see the programs that are playing the subconscious mind.

So to give you, like an amusing anecdote about it, is you know somebody, and you know their parent and you realize that this person and parent pretty much have the same behavior. And so in enthusiasm you burst on the scene and you say ‘You know Mary, you’re just like your mom!’ As soon as you say that to Mary, back away from Mary. Why? Because she’s not gonna take this in welcoming news for her. She’s gonna say like ‘How can you say that?’ To her, she’s not like her mom at all.

And the issue is interesting, it’s like, the joke is that everybody else can see that Mary is like her mom, but Mary can’t. Why not? The answer is; because when she’s playing the programs which she got from her mother, which are in her subconscious, she’s playing them because she’s not paying attention and so when they play, she doesn’t see them, so she’s surprised when people say that she behaves like her mom, even though that’s what her life is all about.

Now the conclusion of why all this dialogue and why was it all important, the answer is this; that we do not see the subconscious when it plays. The subconscious has programs in it that we primarily got from other people in our development. And the significance about that is that if we are operating from the subconscious mind and not seeing it, then we’re also not seeing that we’re playing programs that may not be in any way supporting who we are and what we want. The programs those are in the conscious mind.

So the idea is; when life doesn’t work, when you don’t find that relationship that your positive thinking was looking for, when you don’t get that health that you were looking for because your positive thinking was asking for it. We have a tendency therefor to blame the outside world, because as far as I know my intention was for all these wonderful things. And when I don’t get it, it can’t be me because I have all these wonderful positive intentions. What we didn’t see was, while we were having these positive intentions, using our conscious mind for those positive intentions, the subconscious was running the show. And we didn’t see that we generally sabotage and destroy or limit our own lives with behaviors that are not supporting us.

And why this is important is because then we all generally cop the attitude that there are forces outside of me that control my life and I am a victim of this world and I can’t do anything about it as a victim. And as soon as you buy that, you are a victim.

The only problem was, it was your own subconscious programming that led to the life that you have. And that if you can understand that and then try to work with it, then you can change your subconscious programming and change your life.

Now comes a problem. The problem is; we also bought this, and it’s not true, that there’s somebody in the subconscious. Meaning, if my conscious finds my subconscious engaging in some behavior it’s not supporting it and my conscious is talking to myself and my conscious is saying ‘Bruce .. that was stupid, you can do better than that’ and you’re having this inner dialogue and you’re talking to yourself and being very upset about the fact that your behavior seems to be out of control.

Who are you talking to? And I love this because the realities we’re thinking we’re talking to ourselves and that’s going to fix something and what’s it gonna fix? Well the programs in their subconscious and here’s where the problem lies: Subconscious is a tape player, there’s nobody in there.

The same exact truth holds in this case; get us a tape player, put a cassette tape in it, push play, the program’s running and you don’t like the programming, so here’s what I want you to do:
Go up and talk to the tape player. Go up and talk to it. Suggest that it changes the program, even tell it what you want it to play.

Do all this and then you realize the program still plays, it doesn’t change and then you get more upset, with yourself. Why? Because you’ve asked the program to change and it’s not changing yet. Then you get mad at yourself, you start yelling at yourself and now you’re berating yourself because you can’t control the tape. Then that doesn’t work and then of course the last step you had to bring God in because obviously -you- tried to change your life and it didn’t work, so only God has to come in here now and change the tape. And the joke is, how much talking to a tape player does it take before the tape changes? And the answer is, you can talk till you’re blue in the face and it will not change. It’s not that you can’t change the tape but you have to learn how to push the record button and -then- you can record new programs in the subconscious.

But our old belief system, like conventional psychology, let’s go over and find out why my life is this way ‘oh yeah, my mom did this to me and my dad did this and my friends did this’ and now I make a whole list of all the reasons why my life is this way, I’m very clear, my conscious mind got ‘Oh God I could play that movie, I can see it’.

The question is now that you’re aware, did it change the tape player? And the answer is ‘no’. And that’s why people get so upset. They go through all of the psychology, counseling and stuff. They know all the reasons, they still have the same life. So the issue is: you want to make change? Then you have to learn how to engage the tape player in a record mode and not just talk to it.”

transcript by Evelyne Beyer