Moon Blog 11.5

It is a great joy to notice people coming to me with all sorts of questions, conversations, remarks, discussions, arguments and more in private messages, about this, about that. Usually Human Design related, but some also on my other passions guitars and motorbikes and all their paraphernalia, and some relating to former occupations like my computer-tech business and inter-net-working and my education in graphic design.

Sure not all interactions go smoothly, but that sorts itself out rather quickly too.

To see people find me, and ask me stuff they can see in me, which I might not talk about, like solving puzzles/riddles on information. How does this work? Do you have any info on that? Which I usually do. Or know someone else who does.

Permaculture, I-Ching, Lunar Cycles, Gearbox ratios, Guitar bridges, marketing and lay-out, proofreading and feedback sessions and a dip in my extended digitized library of stuff, of information. Where some gets paid, some unexpectedly and some is shared for free sometimes also to my surprise.

I mean, hello everybody.
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