October 2012

Initiate me

What does it mean to initiate a Reflector?
(not complete, and only about me)

I can tell you that it does not mean to ask a question, wait for a moon/month and expect a result at the other end. Besides seeming like asking an Emotionally Open Sacral being but just waiting longer for the reply.

It also does not mean to daily or every gate change of the Moon bombard the Reflector with your presence or conversation about the subject either, because then it would become conditioning. And you do not want the Reflector to feel conditioned or pressured by your question for an answer, cause that kind of no that you would instigate is one that would crumble houses, and you might lose the Reflectors interest forever.

It is however somehow a mix-match of several things. To indeed ask, and also to inform about the question or the situation, also to check in with the Reflector, to see if more info is needed, or just some sharing about the process, about the question. Without seeking the end result or goal then and there.

Can the Reflector find out if it is comfortable to do this you ask? Is it correct for them to do this thing? Please remember, you asked, so most likely the Reflector has no interest at all in that which you ask. At least this is my experience of most questions I get. They are your questions and usualy about you, not mine, or not about me. So if you seek any response, even a negative one, you better come up with something yummy for me to want to answer in the first place. Stimulate me, massage me. Not my body, my mind (!)

But be carefull not to condition me into answering, keep me interested in your quest, but not so that it feels in any way overwhelming or a nuissance. Don’t push or pull. Find the balance, the finer thread of my sometimes delicate being.



In my case, an important thing I ask myself on autimatic pilot is: “is it safe?” Is it safe for me to involve myself with your quest(ion) or with the outcome of that question. It might be just a question about the design of your kitchen, or to go with you on a mountain hicking trip. But usually I have so little information or insight to discern this, that the answer will be an immediate ‘no’.

And sometimes the person asking does not trigger me to dive into the question itself at all even, so then I would say ‘no, don’t ask’

And sometimes I realize that the question is not mine to answer at all, but theirs. Which could trigger some grumpyness on my side, or some compassion for their question and situation.

Another thing I ask myself as I ponder your question is: ‘why would I want to do that?’ Now when you ask a question to me, for me, and maybe/perhaps about me, then I seem eager to answer at the flick of a switch. Or when the situation requiers, I indeed note the moons position in the Rave Mandala wheel, and note the next time it will be in that spot again in about 27.5 days, and go into the process of finding out what my true honest answer really is. And occasionaly or regularly during this Lunar month, I come back to the question before me, and review my stance on it there and then, and if or what might have changed since and why. And I might even feel where the process is taking me, to already see the thread of contemplations before me as they work their magic through me. Sometimes I even feel like sitting inside in the energy of that quest(ion) and feeling the flow of where it might all lead to, and if this triggers an inner smile and sense of warmth and comfort, you can bet the answer will become positive sooner or later, and you will see me fal into acceptance of the quest that lay before me a moon ago.

And sometimes, I fall into acceptance of not feeling any urge to do this or that, which can be just as joyous as the yes. To be able to walk away, relieved.

Don’t just ask me, or invite me, or inform me, but initiate me, make an effort to open up the journey for me or with me, and try to realise that none of it is mine.

Addendum: You know that thing you asked me/we talked about 2-3 years ago? I can feel me being in acceptance of being able to do that, now.

Addendum: https://www.mcha.nl/2018/07/11/moonblog-12-3-2/