It’s interesting to see and notice how many people ask question based on their own assumption, and therefor trick themselves in not finding the answer. One of the more seen and used trick is the mentioning of needing this or that, or claiming to have needed this or that comment, or person, or action.

But where is that need situated, where is that need felt, but perhaps more importantly, what triggers this experience of a need in the first place? What, triggers, it? Is it not the mind to begin with? Is it not our mental insecurity to experience a need for this or that?

When I/me/we say: I needed that cup of tea, or I needed this/that/other, are we not seeking something outside of ourselves to escape the experience we’re in, the one we feel insecure about? I need that motorbike ride to feel better, but why are you not feeling good in the first place, where does that ill-felt experience come from?

Would it not be more accurate to say: ‘My mind is convinced I need something in order to feel less insecure about myself and my actions, it is not me that seeks it, it is my insecurity that runs through me which does’ And because I made up that which I need, the moment I indeed get it, I can feel better about myself. As I try to seek and hold on to things outside myself in order to have an illusion of feeling better.

Yes, you can surrender while being afraid, while not trusting, while not having faith. It just takes practice, as the fear runs up and down your spine 😈

Fight Club: Tyler Durden: “Hitting bottom isn’t a weekend retreat. It’s not a goddamn seminar. Stop trying to control everything and just let go! LET GO!”

From ‘the Mark Germain Slides’ about Personality Sun/Earth; Color 4; Motivation ‘Need’:

-You are able to do what is necessary for you to do in order to feel good and you stay focused on what you really need to express your purpose
(Or Transference ‘Fear’: You begin to ask to yourself many questions of this kind: “what if…?” and you get lost in all those futile details that don’t serve your purpose at all)

-Do what is necessary; don’t get stuck in the argument, in the details.
(Or Transference ‘Fear’: Getting consumed in the endless answers -lost in the potentials, “what ifs?”)

From ‘the Mark Germain Slides’ about Personality Sun/Earth; Color 1; Motivation ‘Fear’:

-You are able to get to the bottom of things and see all the details that you need to know what to do to survive. So your alertness is very stimulated and your intelligence is based in fear.
(Or Transference ‘Need’: You are not sure of what to do in order to survive and you feel the need to do things that you think are necessary regardless of any details or other potential issues and how these might affect things)

-Get to the bottom of things; see the details; a potential question is, is it safer to be in the group or alone?
(Or Transference ‘Need’: Do what is thought of as “necessary” regardless of detail or other potential issues and how they may affect things.)

(Moon Blog 18.4)
-Gate 18: The Gate of Correction, Work on what has been spoilt. The vigilance and determination to uphold and defend basic and fundamental human rights
-Gate 18 Line 4: The incompetent. Difficulties as a result of inadequacies that cannot be resolved because of inadequacies.
-Exalted: Given this negative position, survival through suffering. The inability to correct and its potential for suffering.
-Detriment: Indecision and anxiety and no escape from misfortune. The demands of correction and its potential to generate anxiety.