Last Wednesday I gave an Introduction to Human Design for a small group of people, and yesterday I assisted an Analist at a ‘mindstyle’ magazine Festival with about 20 mini/intro-readings each.

And each time in the beginning of me speaking, there is a tension, a nervousness and even plain fear/scare and within the first 2 minutes I stumble, on my words, or even blank out. So different to work with a group then just one person. I notice I want to connect and interact with the other, and I go deep to experience the other, so I can relate, so I can reflect them, so I use their behavior/experience to interact with. Which is impossible in a group it seems, for me.

So then I shield-up, or bubble-up and while still being able to see them, and interact with them, I don’t need the other anymore to do that, I stop feeling into them as a basis for my own behavior, I stop identifying myself with the experience I have of them, and I restart, I start to talk again, and all of a sudden it just flows from me. I found it really helps to voice that I am nervous with them, for them, that I need a moment to find my bearing. And once I do find it, in detachment, then my communicative abilities come out, and I can see them from my bubble and play with that, interact, make a joke or a comment about what I see/perceive, ask a question, but only after I have disconnected my experience from theirs.

How different from being one-on-one, usually, where I let myself be swept away on their journey (up to a point sure). The cleaner I am entering the interaction, the less involved, the less identified, the easier the words I speak come across, I become a vessel for the words, it is not about me anymore speaking, although it is me doing, I give the information, the knowledge, larded with personal examples, and emphasize to apply it, live it, use it, follow through on the answers from their authority.

And, the less I say, the less words I use, to convey, the better the message becomes. The less mind gets involved, on both sides. Telling without explaining.

Most people are so masked up however, that they usually not even twitch and give you the blank stare as you speak about their Sacral Response, their Emotional Clarity, their Splenic Awareness, their openness, are they in shock now, or from before?

Moon Blog 28.2

Gate 28 of the Gameplayer, Preponderance of the Great. The transitoriness of power and influence

Gate 28 Line 2: Shaking hands with the devil. Distasteful alliance

Exalted: A means, however unsavoury, that is justified by its end. When the game turns to a struggle, the intuitive acceptance of any alliance in order to win.
Detriment: The anxiety engendered by sacrificing higher principles when there is no guarantee of success. The risk in sacrificing principles when there is no guarantee of victory.