Little boy, little boy
has lost a lot of Blood
and now you seek the one
who’d hold you-
r dick in hand, mouth,
cavities abound
as you suckle
that luscious titty-
drink her essence
to fill your whole-
being inflated.

Your emptiness
touching sides
their marketing print
bunched up
while the rattle snakes
pointy in the air
for that lovely mouth-
full of air:
blow me,

Moon Blog 25.1

Gate 25 of the spirit of the self, innocence.
The perfection of action through uncontrived and spontaneous nature.

Gate 25 Line 1 Selflessness.

Exalted:The universalization of activity. Psychic attunement that is its own reward. The potential for centering through attunement to challenges.
Detriment: A tendency to publicize one’s selflessness. The insecurity  of the Self manifested in times of challenge.