A double feature:

An interesting thing to remember is, when Ra said something, there was a context to it. There was a whole litany of reasons and meaning to simple catch phrases or even rhymes.

However, when we repeat what Ra said, verbatim, without the contextual message we get into dogma and untruths, we get into teachings of faith and beliefs.

We can not say, in relationships or connection charts that ‘8-1 have some fun’ will always be like this, or even like that. Even if in our experiences so far, it has.

One experience or even 6 million don’t make a truth. They remain experiences.

Maybe only the Head Center stays open, which will be different then when only the Spleen stays open, or only the G Center. With a single split, even a wide triple split. And if one is a Reflector and the other a Projector versus a Generator and a Manifestor coming together.

And with the definition we ourselves have, these 8-1’s will always have a certain quality or flavor to it, because -we- are in it. Me with my definition. Even when you have no definition. But it will never be the same, how can it be? How can a ‘6-3 better to be free’ with this person be anything like a 6-3 with that person, ever, ever?

Nursery rhymes are just that.

There are -no- rules to this. There is only a potential for this and that, just like with anything. There is mechanics, there is potentials. But there are no rules. And the mind will never figure it out.

Can we live with the unexplainable? And enter into it without all kinds of mental fodder and made up rules?

Another fun item on the list today, is the notion of having Human Design villages.

Where a bunch of people who are into living their Design huddle up and live together as a unit, or a system, like a village. A community.

Which made me ponder, how would it be run, would it be a democracy? Or would it have from the bottom-up decision making?

I could not see how my inner authority would be an outer authority, or how anyone elses outer authority would have anything to do with my inner authority.

I would not live by any rules but my own. I don’t see a working model for this, where the model seems to be assumed but not discussed, or shared.

Sometimes an idea is really best as just an idea, and never as a practice.

The longer I am into Human Design I get to see that is an individual journey. Quite, individual. And yes some connections are made, some alliances, with friends, lovers, teaching together, but they’re all temporary, they’re all in the moment, in this moment, and then another, in this moment. And then the next.

Nothing is fixed, but setting up a community, when we have barely just learned to float freely, away from social and cultural, moral confinement, as the bubbly balloons we all, each individually are, is putting strings on our balloons again, and tying us back down to the earth, as we spin with it, fixed, stuck, limited.

I seriously doubt any future for any such intentional setups.

MoonBlog 44.5

Gate 44 of alertness, coming to meet.
The success of any interaction is based on the absence of any preconditions

Gate 44 Line 5 manipulation.
Exalted: The ability to transform interaction with inferior elements into the energizing of progressive process with the additional benefit, that in tapping the inferior elements they remain weak. Where the instinctive recognition of the patterns leads to the possible manipulation of others.
Detriment: The tendency in this form of manipulation to become abusive and degenerate to their level. The possibility that the instinctive recognition of the patterns could lead to the abuse of others.