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in Human Design (and on FaceBook), the question comes up about discipline, and also what that means for Reflector, what does that look like, Dharmen talks shortly about discipline in his (free) preview here: Rave New Year Forecast 2014. Besides what the word ‘means’ [In its natural sense, discipline is systematic instruction intended to train a person, sometimes literally called a disciple, in a craft, trade or other activity, or to follow a particular code of conduct or “order”, source: Wikipedia]

And for me, with a 3 parts left variable, active brain, strategic mind and focused view, it means a great amount of effort, but in such small quantities and in such a continuous stream, that then becomes almost effortless doing. I compare it to either getting addicted to any drug, or kicking that same kind of addiction. Lots and lots (and then some more) of little amounts of a substance, or an act.

While also keeping that bit of tension on it, nearly always, never letting go of what you do and perhaps why, but without it being a mental concern (it is not after all) it is something your inner spirit craves for, or seeks to stop being with.

As Jed McKenna says: “I can’t not do this. Wouldn’t recommend it though.”

And being ruthfully honest with ourselves, passionately compassionate. And that might be our most biggest hurdle. To learn to do that, in a world where we’ve become so used to allow ourselves all kinds of excuses for almost everything and anything. While we distract ourselves and blatantly lie to ourselves, and others, with all kinds of street-level psychological nonsense and plain gibberish. And added quite the amount of social and cultural morals and mindsets.

And to allow others to be that ruthfully honest with us to, something we are even less accustomed to, to first of all, allow others to see us for who we truly are, how we behave, and what is correct for us, without making up or giving out any excuses. And hear them tell us what they see, if and when they do, see. Not to obey and follow up on, but to get a different angle, a different view, than our own.

And to observe ourselves (our minds) wanting out, wanting to stop, seeking a short cut, seeking to knee-jerk us in the kidneys, while the chemistry of all sorts of made up stuff courses through our bodies and launch us into all kinds of real or imagined experiences. To use our wild imaginations not just for faking our lives, but also to accept and see, that it -is- our imagination playing tricks on us.

To forgive ourselves when we do this, to accept and learn that this lying cheating untrustworthy partner is part of us, of how we behave, and act out in this world. To not ignore any small or big part of us in our exploration of what is actually going on in our lives. And to get to see all the white noise and not so white lies that we hold onto in an effort to fake not only being in control of anything, but also pretend to be really good at being in control and showing off some certificates for it…


I can only speak to what it is like for me, as a 3 parts left Reflector, I can not begin to know what it is like for someone quad right, or not a Reflector, or with this Design nor that one, with the surprising gifts that my 1 Right Variable the observer environment shows me. Watch ourselves bring in all kinds of made up reasons for telling us why we can not, any disagreement is mental, many words we use are made up, they’re not real. Yeah sure we think them (here they are, that’s real) but they’re not a truth.

Everything we tell ourselves is a fear based contemplation to stay firmly in control, while getting sand-blasted in the storms of our life with the loose sand that was our foundation. Our foundation of made up truths, opinions, psych garbage, and plain old mental fears.

Discipline to me, is sticking with it, but also about letting go of needing to keep it up, of needing to pretend any longer all the radical nonsense I’ve let myself get into, it is time to radically get out of it too.

It is not for everyone, Human Design is not for everyone, and that is not a testament of capability, not a testament of failure or achievement. It is a testament of what is, correct for you. But don’t lie to yourself when you quit, when you walk away. See the deep truths of our lies when we make up just another excuse to either do this, or do that.

As Shunryu Suzuki says: “In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, in the expert’s mind there are few.”

If it is not through the application of your strategy, to wait, or to inform, if it is not through uncovering your inner truth, if it is through making up reasons and meaning with street-level logic and sense, then also accept to be a liar and a fraud. Accept to live a life of pretense, of guilts and shame, of mental addictions while running our mouth of with big or small lies.

All, the time.

Discipline means sticking with it, also when you have ‘nothing to prove’, it means to go for the long haul, and allow yourself as many short breaks as the many, the countless millions of little efforts you put in. When we start noticing that this journey never ends, and that the only thing we do have to do, is to keep at it, where it becomes a habit even, of sticking with exploring ourselves in honesty and truth, and not allow ourselves to walk away, time and time again.

To see the stories made up, through our openness of what we fear, but also what is so appealing. To seek what we are not and crave to be like it, to see the hunger for something else that I, am, not. To see it, to observe myself acting like it, or towards it. And nearly completely ignoring what and who I really am. The activations that are mine. To watch and observe, me.

And also, to allow yourself to break away if Human Design is not for you, that too is discipline.

Cleanly and swiftly.

Gate 7 of the role of the self, the army. The point of convergence. By Design, the need for leadership to guide and order society.

Gate 7 Line 6 The administrator. The ability to share and justly apportion power.

Exalted: The power to communicate the frameworks of responsibility. The capacity of the Self through its role to communicate responsibility.
Detriment: The bureaucrat whose lust for power eventually destabilizes the organisation. The role of the Self to seek power through the communication of responsibility.