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in Human Design (and on FaceBook), the question comes up about discipline, and also what that means for Reflector, what does that look like, Dharmen talks shortly about discipline in his (free) preview here: Rave New Year Forecast 2014. Besides what the word ‘means’ [In its natural sense, discipline is systematic instruction intended to train a person, sometimes literally called a disciple, in a craft, trade or other activity, or to follow a particular code of conduct or “order”, source: Wikipedia]

And for me, with a 3 parts left variable, active brain, strategic mind and focused view, it means a great amount of effort, but in such small quantities and in such a continuous stream, that then becomes almost effortless doing. I compare it to either getting addicted to any drug, or kicking that same kind of addiction. Lots and lots (and then some more) of little amounts of a substance, or an act.

While also keeping that bit of tension on it, nearly always, never letting go of what you do and perhaps why, but without it being a mental concern (it is not after all) it is something your inner spirit craves for, or seeks to stop being with.

As Jed McKenna says: “I can’t not do this. Wouldn’t recommend it though.”
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