Moon Blog 53.1 Accumulation

It’s been a while since I last wrote a MoonBlog, as I was busy with leaving FaceBook but also with setting up a Human Design Forum. I was so busy and even absorbed with it, everything else was on hold for a while, and now I over exhausted myself 🙂


So the self made up deadline of starting testing the Forum Software at the Rave New Year will probably not be made. This basically is an announcement of postponement. And this is a relief for me, as I took too much workload on, and on my own mostly. The mind joyfully occupied with this giant jigsaw puzzle, and with all the knowledge and experience having an idea of what to look for in setting it all up, working on 3 intersecting levels at once; the subscribers side, the moderators/administrators side and the technical software side. And even now, lots of stuff runs through my mind to talk about, but not a lot comes out, it is all still percolating inside me, developing, processing, running its own course, at its own pace. And it will happen as it happens, and not before. But I was forcing it a bit.

With my capacity to focus and really dive into something, swimming around in it and completely losing myself, my identified self. It is time to slow down, and give both my mind and my body a few more breaks. So eager to fill the perceived and confirmed need. After all these years in all these different forums and newsgroups seeing what can be changed and how, and then wanting to implement it overnight, pfff. So yes, there is going to be a subscribers only Human Design Forum, but it might take several weeks or even a few more months before it will open. Aaaah what a relief to say it and to let it go 🙂

Moon Blog 53.3

Gate 53 of beginnings, development.
Development as a structured progression that is both steadfast and enduring.

Gate 53 Line 1 Accumulation
Exalted: The dissolution of old forms but not at the expense of valued components that will be retained and transformed. The pressure to begin something new, not from scratch but based on the foundation of the old.
Detriment: Development hampered by criticism and the tendency to withdraw rather than make use of these experiences. The difficulty in starting something new because of the criticism that accompanied the old.