MoonBlog 34.5 Annihilation


we aren’t just friends
we -are- lovers
but, lovers of life
lovers of us

not, of each other

Like brothers and sisters
or, best friends forever
with others for intimacy
those others our fuckers

7-centerdness shed
and included 2 more
one hundred percent
is, what is correct

nothing else matters
that’s how we’ve met.

MoonBlog 34.5

Gate 34 of power. Power of the great.
Gate 34 Line 5 Annihilation. The total elimination of resistance.
Exalted: The power to destroy completely and once this is accomplished, the ability to transfer the power to normal purposes. The resistance to release power other than when necessary.
Detriment: A difficulty in shedding the patterns established to deal with resistance. Symbolized by its phases, the feeling that nothing is permanently annihilated. The discomfort with the need to always release power.