on Deja Vu phenomenon

Sayuri La Pydos 10 June at 12:13:
One specific topic that i haven’t found much material on is the insight from the experiment / living the design on Deja Vu phenomenon, which quite a strong phenomenon.
At first glance it looks like it’s either the same information that we recieved once before, either we proccess the information we recieve exactly as we did once before? And if yes what for?
***investigator at work***
Any insights&thoughts are welcome?

Sjef Romijn: The question is a setup. HD does not tell why I have caries, what my political views are, or if it will rain on Sunday.

HD helps us to be crystal clear on -what- the experience is. Not on why the experience happens, per se. It’s like asking, can HD tell me why I hate my neighbor? Why I think sexy thoughts about an other neighbor?

Deja Vu is an experience, of your perception. Ok great. Does there need to be a why, a meaning and purpose attached to it? No.

The mind demands that there is, but yeah, and open head ask questions that do not matter, asking what for is an open ego/heart question (prove it to me). Running around in asking questions but never finding answers, because … it’s a setup…

And it is not related to ‘Living Your Design’ either, it’s not a prerequisite to (LYD when you) have deja vu’s or to find out why they exist, except be a witness of them, to them, maybe/perhaps.

That’s not an investigation at work, that is just your mind playing with you. Making you chase after the rainbow, a dog biting in the waterjet of the hose as you water the plants, making you bet your mortgage in the casino and when you lose it goes: so, what’s next?

Sayuri La Pydos: That’s the thing. In the experience there are things we live. One of the things is the deja vu.

You were happy to recieve the system of HD because it made sense.

I want to make sense of deja vu 🙂 with the help of hd

Sjef Romijn: yes and that is the setup 🙂
Wanting to make sense 1, with HD 2.

And from a more non-dualistic viewpoint it is even incredibly aggressive (to want that and demand it and collect all kinds of things by the neck to have it fulfilled)

And no HD did not make sense to me (far from it), and often still does not, but it works. And that is enough.

Sayuri La Pydos: There is a difference between asking “what?, what for?” And “why”, Sjef..dont you think?

Sjef Romijn: no I don’t (think) that, or yes I see what you mean, but that is just more mind tricking us into pursuing an avenue.

Sayuri La Pydos: i hear you.
Though something about deja vu..im having them once in a while and i can feel that they are a resault of something. I just want to know what..dont care why they happen

Sjef Romijn: where do you -feel- this (that they are the result of something) in your knee, your gut, elbow?

or … dare I say it….? Mind…

Sayuri La Pydos: it’s emotional . It comes in wave
, then it leaves. And i dont know what it was

Sjef Romijn: emotions are a deeper layer of what…?guess…

Sayuri La Pydos: it’s a dangerous game of words 😉

Sjef Romijn: dangerous for what/whom, the ego/mind? yes, very

Sayuri La Pydos: ok, if you have read the book of Rhodes ( how to read a chart) he explains there about the neutrino, crystals and magnet. From other studies than HD i already know about something simillar to what Rhodes talks about. So i want to put the deja vu down to this level of analysis. And i will 🙂 then we’ll see where it took me

Sjef Romijn: of course I did not read Steve Rhodes book, this guy changed everything that was once HD, I do have all his books though, including first editions before he changed it all. His book ‘how to read a graph’ was already removed from HD while pretending to be HD.

As IHDS clearly state in 2015: “We feel it is our duty to inform you that Jovian Archive Media, Inc., and the International Human Design School have no affiliation whatsoever with Steve Rhodes and the products and programs he is offering, nor is Steve Rhodes an IHDS certified professional or teacher. His recent book, products, school, classes and work with Human Design do not have the approval, recognition or licensed permission of Jovian Archive or the IHDS.”

And in his own words in 2016: “While BaanTu emerged out of the Human Design System, it is not like it at all.”

not like it at all, let that sink in…

Sayuri La Pydos: i see. Well. Im not familliar with history and politics in this at all almost. All i know is there is valuable information for us. Some maybe distorted, some lacking details.
Physics..methaphysics. energetic physics, all i learned there connects perfectly to hd.
The only thing that neccessary is the right people and time to get to next level of knowlege.

Sjef Romijn: knowledge is theoretical, HD is experiential, it’s about wisdom, of having gone there.

Happy hunting 🙂

Sayuri La Pydos: i know its a play of words but meaning too if you will : you cannot experience consciously anything without first acknowledging it.. or can you

Sjef Romijn: Now you’re making another setup, to experience is to experience. To experience it consciously ah… well… is placing another barrier for your experience.

As if the mind is running the show and you/we need to explain it, what is going on and why.

But it is not running the show, it’s only pretending to do so, and b. fuck what the mind wants.

So, we(it..) can come up with all kinds of (mind made up) reasons why the mind wants to know what it wants to know, and under which circumstances etc etc etc, but it’s not my issue now is it…

Sayuri La Pydos: yep. Interesting. It’s a very good point in fact!
..there is mind and there is body.. mind conscious , body isnt. Ok. But the experience isn’t suppose to be complete with both? I am maybe trapping myself, but again, maybe not..exerience will tell

Sjef Romijn: the body is sentient, only -we- are not conscious of that! We being our mind. Our identified personality, the who we think we think we are.

So the body -has- consciousness, except it is not out mind. It is what HD is about, about there being 2 consciousnesses in the totality that is us in this incarnation.

The body is not us, but we are totally dependent on it. We are not the body either but it has consciousness and we do well to find out what it is conscious of, cause that is our decision making process.

Its consciousness IS our Authority, so… just cause our mind is ignorant and blind, that does not mean the body is (too), far from it.

Sayuri La Pydos: super! Now i need to metabolize that info..:)
Thank you for your insights, Sjef ????❤

Sjef Romijn: you don’t need to metabolize anything, cause the body is already functioning, it is the mind that thinks it needs to accept it, include it, work with it.

But all the ego/mind needs to do, if there is any such doing, is surrender.

It is the minds arrogance that it makes us believe it, or we need to do anything, and us being slaves follow its dictates all over again.

Maybe/perhaps time to notice the internal speaker system? It’s making all kinds of announcements, that are not for you, but for it