MoonBlog 2.5 Intelligent application

The Reflector Lunar Cycle is not a ritual to obey and follow, that when you don’t, someting bad happens.

It is not about ticking off all the boxes of pre-requisites, and then live happily ever after either.

It’s about becoming such a calm silent observer, for the incredible subtleties of what is already going on, outside (transits, people) and inside (perceptions, experiences) self and not-self, that you can live in awareness of where life takes you, what your Trajectory is, and to relax into how choice-less we all are.

To surrender to that, and see, observe and witness, what that is like.

While dancing the jitterbug, riding your bicycle, making out, cooking dinner or anything else.

MoonBlog 2.5

Gate 2 of higher knowing. The receptive.
Receptivity as the primal base through which any response is determined. The root of action.

Gate 2 Line 5 Intelligent application.
Exalted: The strategist with Mercury exalted. Reasoned management of resources. Higher knowing as a gift for strategy.
Detriment: The inability to share responsibility or recognize the abilities of others. Higher knowing as an exclusively individual and selfish process.