MoonBlog 52.5 Explanation

Topic raised: “on the fringe and conspiratorial vs. those who are not” & “if the difference here is between individual and tribal circuitry respectively.

To me, it does not seem related to circuitry or even mechanics.

If one has control issues, which is a psychological disorder, then one is doubtful and in ‘against’ mode.

If one is the passenger (again), there is only observation and experience, mind is no longer running the show, and there is no more ‘issue’.

To be in this world but not of it

walking around like a tourist, through lock-downs and Ikea parking lot lines, none of it is personal (anymore).

Whereas the conspiracy theorists, (regardless of whether their particular conspiracy may be factually true!!), still have a (entirely made up) personal stake in outcomes. It’s just ego/mind.

Just like being born tall or short is not personal, but here we are incarnated into this body this time, well, see what it does, how it moves, runs, lays on the couch.

Instead of imposing will and arguments on how and what, life ‘should’ look like. The vanity and intellectual arrogance…

Mind you, I was deeply into conspiracies and anger issues and make-ability syndrome, and much more similar mental illness issues.

That is how I see them now, my mind was running the show and it was sick. Now it’s just crazy but no longer running things. Quite a comfortable/pleasant difference.

Whether a conspiracy is true, or not, is no longer my issue, cause it is not pertinent to me living my Strategy & Authority, I made it pertinent before and now I realize it isn’t, wasn’t unless I made that to be the case. Unless -I- (big I) identified in my mind with the completely subjective right- and wrongness of what my mind judged things at, and then internalized.

5. Indignation and entitlement, keeping your focus on stuff beyond your control, so you won’t have to face your inner demons

That list of conclusions (pic) was my wake up call, what started out with nr1, being called out on how I whined and wailed at every ‘wrong-doing’ and lamented so very loudly to be a victim.
As if a. that was objectively true
b. life is changeable if only I did more or less of -this- or -that-, or (of course) -you- did more or less of this or that

This quickly cascaded into the awareness of nr2, to dramatize and give meaning, with a nice layer of nr3 on top, for moral superiority.

Witnessing it, all happening inside my mind, witnessing it happening in my friends minds. Keeping us locked in this illusion of indignation and entitlement, not remotely understanding how most of it was made up, made up by measuring with made up scales of right and wrong. Not seeing how easily even the measuring sticks were replaced with others if things did not fit those scales anymore. Making up meaning and purpose for all events.

How deep the psyches control and ‘Wharrgarbl’ is overwhelming any actual observation and seeing, as it is enthralled by it’s own goddamn fucking opinion, identified and stuck in the machinations of it’s own mind.

As Dirk Nellens says: All the knowledge burns down, in the face of Strategy & Authority. All of it, it becomes null and void. Irrelevant. Ever lived completely opinion free? Ever just lived according to the mechanics of being alive, of breathing and just witnessing, observing, and not have an opinion about even (not) doing that?

Anytime you can here yourself say, or write; “I find’ you can bring it to the lost&found-department, it’s not yours, it is not for you. It is just mind running the show, all over again, pretending the content and subjects to be about things that really matter, better opinions, boasting on our ego/minds, puffing up our ego/mind’s chest, how lofty the thoughts and opinions we have in comparison to others.

N o t h i n g, to do with mechanics or circuitry and everything to do with deconditioning. Or, not deconditioning to be more precise…

If you can hear your mind answer, with words and shit, to -anything- that is happening in your life (make that -everything-), even if it is indeed factual that which is happening in your life, then it is not the Authority.

So simple, not easy.

Gate 52: The Gate of Inaction, Keeping Still (Mountain). Temporary and self-imposed inaction for the benefit of assessment.

Gate 52 Line 5 Explanation. In times of inaction, the often important ability, to explain one’s position.
Exalted: The often terse but exceedingly accurate statement. Where inaction and focus can lead to detail.
Detriment: A convolution whose enigmatic nature is normally misunderstood with unpredictable circumstances. Where too much inaction can lead to a loss of focus, and not to detail.