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Reading through the latest version of the LYD Student Manual I found a few things that had typos, or words missing, or I simply wondered about what is being said, an overview/rundown:

Page 1:If you could observe the planets and their movements for a few hundred years, you would see that each planet moves at a different speed, yet synchronized the others.
– They do? Each planet synchronized the others?

Page 8:It was abandoned about 300 years ago” & Page 9:The well dried up about two hundred years ago. That is why the house was given up.
– So about 300 years ago it was already abandoned and about 100 years later the well dried up.

Page 19:Through living your lives according to your Strategy and Authority, the Personality and the Design live express correct roles.
– ‘live and express’?

Page 20:Your Undefined Center become deeply conditioned by being in their auras to the point that, by age seven, your conditioning is eastablished.
– ‘established’

Page 45:People with Undefined Throats need find a place inside themselves where they are comfortable being quiet.
– ‘need to find’?

Page 48:When we resolve this internal conflict and attain a state of self-love and acceptance, and then we can give and receive love.
– one and too much? ‘self-love and acceptance, then we

Page 55:Motors, the Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root Centers, have more energy and more intensity than the other Centers – The Spleed, G Center, Throat, Ajna and Head Centers.
– ‘Spleen’

Page 63:Someone with an Undefined Sacral runs around on the borrowed energy of someone else, such as a child, friend, lover or co-worker, in their aura. It could be a child, friend, lover or co-worker.
– ‘the child, friend, lover or co-worker’ mentioned twice

Page 64:People with Undefined Sacral Centers in a health state are relaxed and enjoy rest, have healthy boundaries and through their Authority, they know when enough is enough
– ‘healthy state’

Page 67:If we look at the Designs of plants, mammals, birds, and insects, we find that they too have the Spleen Center guiding their them.
– ‘guiding their them.’

Page 70:Definition through a transit can give an Undefined Splenic person a false sense of security, and cause the person to let go of beneficial things.
– ah, ehrm, ‘beneficial things’, seems like a rather subjective notion, and opening up for the desire to steer ones life. Whether something is beneficial does not make them correct.

Page 71:You end up with the wrong people if you make decisions based on mental conditioning of the.
– ‘mental conditioning of the Spleen’?

Page 75:As the wave moves you, will feel differently, and you don’t need assign a reason.
– ‘need to assign’?

Page 80:Frightened of being ignored and of the silence treatment
– ‘silent treatment’

Page 84:They to rid themselves of it, but as soon as they succeed, another pressure builds.
– ‘They do rid’

Page 95:Hierarchy of Authority 1. Solar Plexus 2. Sacral 3. Spleen 4. Heart 5. G / Self 6. Environment 7. Moon
– This part suggests as if the Environment or the Moon are -inner- authorities. It is not the environment or Moon that are the authorities themselves, it is by the process through the environment of a Mental Projector or the Lunar Transits of a Reflector, that one finds out their truth. A sentence like this suggests as if those answers come from the object the environment or the Moon itself. Also the Solar-Plexus, the center itself is not the authority, or -gives- the answer, the result of the process of the wave is, for emotionally defined people. A Process through which something is arrived at.

Page 96:Often, you will see a chart with two or all three Gates Defined.
– ‘all three Centers Defined’?

Page 97:They must to be clear that they are not making decisions from the mind.
– ‘must to be clear’

Page 97:no Inner authority = Outer Authority (environment/Moon)
– a confusion over what is the difference between Inner Authority and an -external source- for their process. The Moon is not an -Inner- Authority for the Reflector, the Moon is also not the -Outer- Authority of the Reflector. Neither is the Environment an Inner or Outer Authority for a Mental Projector. It is an external source through which they can arrive or reach their Inner Authority. Please also read: Moonblog-16-6 “No -direct- Inner Authority”

Page 127:Strategy: Wait Through the 29.5-day Cycle of the Moon
– The Lunar Cycle lasts roughly, on average (!) 27.3 days, more easily referred to as 27.5 days, many Reflectors say 28.5 days, even if it is observed as short as 26.6 days. Never 29,5 days, since that is the Cycle of the Lunar Phases which is the observation of reflected Sunlight on the surface of the Moon, which has no relation to the Moon’s actual position relative to the Earth and through the Rave Mandala. See more on the Lunar Cycle & Transits

Page 127:It takes the Moon 29.5 days to go through all 64 Gates in the BodyGraph, and this journey creates a regular cycle of conditioning for a Reflector’s entire life.
– ‘It takes the Moon 27.5 days’

Page 127:Reflectors receive Definition through this lunar pattern.
– Semantics: is it truly -Definition-? Is it not Temporary Conditioning? I don’t know what the correct description of these mechanics are, however ‘Definition’ seems off.

Page 127:As the moon move through its cycle, it passes through the opposite end of a Gate and hooks up to the receptors, creating a Definition pattern.
– Semantics again, same story. A pattern yes, of Temporary Conditioning, and ‘the moon moves through’

Page 127:Through this cycle, Reflectors can rely on this and can find themselves.
– Yeah, maybe this one is ok, the not-self Reflector is easily lost and confused

Page 128:They go through a set pattern approximately 12 times a year.
– ‘approximately 13 times a year’ at the very least 13 times a year, always, as a minimum, do the math, or see the math I did in the previous links

Page 129:Moon Cycle Pattern for a Reflector
– The Lunar Cycle presented here has 2 errors in it: it starts in the Personality Earth activation instead of the Design Moon of the chart given at page 127, and the Sacral-Solar Plexus connection is called a Projector (Type) or Projected Channel instead of a Generator (Type) or Generated Channel. Also the Time Zone was not given. Here is the revised version of what is merely looking at the Temporary Conditioning Transits, thus forming a Channel. When those Connections are made, the Channels have a Type description, but the Reflector does not become this Type:

LYD Manual Lunar Cycle 127-129 short
LYD Manual Lunar Cycle 127-129 short

And here the full version:

LYD Manual Lunar Cycle 127-129 full

Page 130:Projector children will take in and reflect back exactly what is going on in the family and the classroom.
– ‘Reflector children’

Page 131: “She’s under pressure from all the Undefined Centers to be spontaneous (Spleen), get attention or initiate (Throat), not rock the boat (Solar Plexus), prove herself (Heart), be certain about things (Ajna), hold on to the wrong people (Spleen), try to answer questions (Head), and figure out just who she is (G).
– Description of the Undefined Root is missing.

This list will be updated/changed if/when/as things become more clear/evolve

MoonBlog 16.6

Gate 16 of skills, enthousiasm. The great art of enriching life by the harmonic channeling of energy
Gate 16 Line 6 Gullibility. The susceptibility to propaganda.
Exalted: The ability to experience, examine and then reject misleading enthusiasm. The talent to assess the expression of others.
Detriment: The same principle but where Neptune will destroy and then seek new forms, Jupiter will painfully withdraw. Its enthusiasm for social structures permanently prejudiced. The failure to assess the expression of others.