MoonBlog 13.6 The optimist

What is interesting to notice, is that many people coming to Human Design limit their fact finding to the internet and/or to exchange with people just like them who also only found more information about Human Design online.
Hardly ever is a session booked with either someone trained or even only very experienced, let alone read a proper book, or even study an actual course in Human Design, or 4.

But these are the people that populate, the loudest, the many different FaceBook groups.

From both my own personal experience and from watching other people, Living Your Design is near impossible without help, without some form of guidance, however simple some slogans may sound, or are perceived. And even if that guidance is from someone who did study and read or had their own sessions, it does not need to be someone properly trained, but it does need to be someone who properly experimented. And I don’t mean experimented on FaceBook, or written tons of articles even.

Now of course some voices immediately would say (shout) that the teaching then is too complicated, it is a closed pyramid scheme hierarchy all for money arguments.

But I say, there are at least 30 books in print and over 100 eBooks available, and most people read -none- of them.

Sure some books are from non-Jovian sources, and maybe those are correct for you, I personally doubt it, but you are the only one that can figure this out, if only you read at least one, or 5. And yes, many of the other publications are far too complicated, but there is a book for you out there, for your level, at least 3 or 5 perhaps even, easily.

It is kinda weird to me, that when we come to Human Design we see it’s potential and are quick to shout out about what a promising system it seems to be, and then what do most of us do with it?

Basically, nothing.

We talk about if knowing and understanding what the system supposedly is, and start asking and answering the many questions in the many FB groups about it. And before we know it, spend years on FB talking about HD when nothing really changes in our lives, no decision was ever made any different, and some even start blaming the system for their own limited involvements and very limited results.

And some have actually taken a course but did not get it, and instead of trying a different teacher perhaps, again the system gets blamed and some even say the system is wrong because they did not get it. When just maybe… we simply did not get it, and thus we need more tutoring instead of less.

But also, I may not be your teacher, just as I am not everyone’s student, but how do you find out, if basically -all- our HD involvement takes place in FB groups? How can anything change if all we do is read and answer about the troubles other people have in their lives -not- using HD, when not using Strategy & Authority or instead, argue about what we see as the limitations of the system, when we have not even gone into it.

Another study I do, calls all this ‘intellectual arrogance’ and I was (and sometimes still am) guilty of this too, making rash judgments on things I basically know nothing about, or a mere fraction of it. And then shouting loudly online about my rash judgments. And…when I did this, I had followers and likes up to my ears ! Countless private messages, emails, in-aura meetings. As long as I was ‘fighting the system’ I was deemed friendly and ok as I explored all the different non-Jovians and wrote/shared and blogged about it

Right up to the point where I stopped doing so, and started seeing where the Human Design System actually helped and supported me, and where I was the (only) one blocking it from supporting me. When I started to indeed make decisions differently, and then talking about that, and coming full circle to embrace the teachings and could see the actual results. The actual experience of Living my own Design, ah then… things took a turn… and I was no longer deemed that friendly and welcomed for my view and discernment, for my (f)actual experiences. It makes me laugh now to think about it

If you seek a shortcut to Living your Design and ending your suffering, then find someone to get the journey going, find that someone who can help you point through the maze of information. To books, to courses, to other people, but mainly, to how Living Your Design is done, in real life, in daily practicality.

Because most of our online friends in FB groups, really have no clue either…

MoonBlog 13.6
Gate 13 of the listener, the fellowship of man.
Universal ideas and values in an ordered framework which inspires humanistic cooperation.

Gate 13 Line 6 The optimist.
The ability to accept any limited interaction as a necessary step towards greater union.
Exalted: The energy to persevere. Unlimited hope. The hope that openness will lead to better relationships.
Detriment: Naivete. The translation of mutual interest into universality. The belief that mutual interests can be projected on others.