April 2016

The Bubble Nebula

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2016 April 22


NGC 7635: The Bubble Nebula
Image Credit: NASA, ESA, Hubble Heritage Team (STScI / AURA)

Explanation: Blown by the wind from a massive star, this interstellar apparition has a surprisingly familiar shape. Cataloged as NGC 7635, it is also known simply as The Bubble Nebula. Although it looks delicate, the 7 light-year diameter bubble offers evidence of violent processes at work. Above and left of the Bubble’s center is a hot, O-type star, several hundred thousand times more luminous and around 45 times more massive than the Sun. A fierce stellar wind and intense radiation from that star has blasted out the structure of glowing gas against denser material in a surrounding molecular cloud. The intriguing Bubble Nebula and associated cloud complex lie a mere 7,100 light-years away toward the boastful constellation Cassiopeia. This sharp, tantalizing view of the cosmic bubble is a composite of Hubble Space Telescope image data from 2016, released to celebrate the 26th anniversary of Hubble’s launch.

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MoonBlog 40.1 Recuperation

The denial of the defined Solar Plexus, and the open diversion of blame to the other.


Something peculiar and noteworthy can be observed interacting with the defined SP. It is that many are not open at all to this so called truth confrontation, not open to hear other peoples perspectives on their very own behavior and actions, especially when it is not supporting how or what they perceive to feel, or think to feel about.

An interesting phenomenon takes place that is not malignant, but happens o so subtle but profound all the same, is that whenever you speak up about an action, even a mere observation about it, the other gets told to have a problem, is mean, does not play by the rules, and most of all, they perceive to be genuinely hurt by your remark.

Without ever looking at the content of it, the validity of it, or even to seek to understand the perception of the other, why someone has perceived it this way.

It does not matter even if you are factual, all that matters is, that you have told them, in some form or way as they were blissfully unaware, that you resent them for something, which they feel innocent about doing or being.

It seems a great terror comes over them that you are unappreciative and thus unaccepting of something they themselves see as an integral part of their emotional truth in this world.

Regardless if in that very moment they’re making a fool of themselves, are slaughtering kittens, voicing or writing complete nonsense, or just kicked you in the nuts.

The switch around comes back so quickly that as you voice or lament your concern for your testicles or kittens, you get confronted instead with voicing that. “How dare you challenge anything that I do, you are not a victim, nothing really happened to you, but you have a problem that is sure and also how incredibly rigid it is that you deny this part of me, that you exclude me partially, bad, bad, bad you.”

Then they really do take and make it personal, ad hominem
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Family Tree


1944 Ruud (Rudi) Romijn (†1980 aged 36)
1916 Leendert (Leo) Romijn (†1999 aged 83)
1892 Johannes Petrus Louis Romijn (†1945 aged 53)
1860 Leonardes Leendert Romijn (†1940 aged 80)
1803 Simon Romeijn (†1867 aged 64)

1779 Leendert Simonz Romeijn (†1854 aged 75)
1745 Sijmen Leendertse Romeijn (†1814 aged 69)
1712 Leendert Leenderse Romeijn (†1765 aged 53)
1680 Leendert Leendertsz Romeijn (†1717 aged 37)
1634 Leendert Vrancken Romeijn (†1695 aged 61)
1602 Vranck Claesz. Romeijn (†1687 aged 85)
1577 Claes Vranckensz. Romeijn (†1633-1636 aged 56-59)
1530 Vranck (Claesz.?) Romeijn (†unknown)

All within 100 sq kms

Algemene, simplistische leugens, een vorm van racisme

“Utopieën zijn meestal totalitair van karakter en door de geschiedenis heen werden heel wat intellectuelen er door aangetrokken, zeker in de arcana van de EU en in het progressieve denken, waar men allerlei wetgeving uitdoktert om de tekentafelideeën te kunnen handhaven. Daardoor moet de freedom of speech zo nodig sneuvelen. Het Centrum voor Gelijkheid van Kansen en Racismebestrijding (CGKR, nu Unia) is zo’n inquisitoriaal en akelig orwelliaans gremium waarin allerlei do-gooders eigenlijk sovjetpraktijken hanteren. Islamcritici probeert men de mond te snoeren.

Nogmaals: de islam is blijkbaar aantrekkelijk genoeg om heftig verdedigd te worden door de westerse intellectueel: én wegens zijn totalitair karakter maar vaak ook omdat men volslagen onwetend is over de oorsprongsbronnen en men graag de sprookjes gelooft die men hem voorhoudt. Het debat erover wordt ook zelden met argumenten gevoerd, precies omdat men blijft uitgaan van algemene simplistische leugens (“De islam is een monotheïsme zoals jodendom en christendom bijvoorbeeld” en: “Elke religie heeft zijn perverteringen”), die zelfs bij oppervlakkige studie niet overeind blijven. De cognitieve dissonantie is dan ook megagroot.

Zelfs wanneer Arabische intellectuelen als Houria Abdelhouahed, Wafa Sultan, Fethi Benslama, Malika Sorel, Zohra Bitan, Lydia Guirous, Boualem Sansal, Moustapha Safouan, Hamid Zanaz, Sihem Habchi, Fadela Amara of Necla Kelec (et j’en passe beaucoup), of bedachtzame auteurs als Czeslav Milosz, György Konrad of Imre Kertesz uitdrukkelijk stellen dat de islam een agressieve ideologie is die op zijn minst heftig in vraag moet worden gesteld omdat deze veroveringsleer het Westen op allerlei manieren uitput en codes bevat die haaks staan op de liberale rechtsorde, dan nog zal de narcistische betweterige westerse intellectueel nuffig de tribale islam blijven verdedigen.

Is dat misschien geen vorm van racisme: het beter weten dan die arme ervaringsexpert uit een andere cultuurkreis? En is het niet bijzonder vreemd dat iemand die zich verzet tegen een retrograde islam door de politiek correcte neostalinisten ‘extreemrechts’ wordt genoemd? In de negentiende eeuw was het verzet tegen de katholieke kerk, en tegen religie in het algemeen, links-liberaal, socialistisch of anarchistisch. Vandaag zou het verzet tegen de islam dan plots rechts zijn geworden?”

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The epitome of Western civilization

Nose and ear hair remover

Gently and comfortably removes unsightly nose and ear hair, Includes light for improved personal grooming, Stainless steel shaving head, can be detached for cleaning, Soft touch (partially rubberized housing), On/off switch, Incl. cap for shaving head, Battery operation: 1x 1.5 V (AA) (batteries not included)

MoonBlog 13.6 The optimist

What is interesting to notice, is that many people coming to Human Design limit their fact finding to the internet and/or to exchange with people just like them who also only found more information about Human Design online.
Hardly ever is a session booked with either someone trained or even only very experienced, let alone read a proper book, or even study an actual course in Human Design, or 4.

But these are the people that populate, the loudest, the many different FaceBook groups.

From both my own personal experience and from watching other people, Living Your Design is near impossible without help, without some form of guidance, however simple some slogans may sound, or are perceived. And even if that guidance is from someone who did study and read or had their own sessions, it does not need to be someone properly trained, but it does need to be someone who properly experimented. And I don’t mean experimented on FaceBook, or written tons of articles even.

Now of course some voices immediately would say (shout) that the teaching then is too complicated, it is a closed pyramid scheme hierarchy all for money arguments.

But I say, there are at least 30 books in print and over 100 eBooks available, and most people read -none- of them.

Sure some books are from non-Jovian sources, and maybe those are correct for you, I personally doubt it, but you are the only one that can figure this out, if only you read at least one, or 5. And yes, many of the other publications are far too complicated, but there is a book for you out there, for your level, at least 3 or 5 perhaps even, easily.

It is kinda weird to me, that when we come to Human Design we see it’s potential and are quick to shout out about what a promising system it seems to be, and then what do most of us do with it?
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