MoonBlog 54.5

Facebook or not

about a year ago it became clear to me, and people near me, that I had to approach my online presence in a different way. Noticing how I got consumed by righting wrongs and engaging in many online skirmishes and even battles that then also trickled down into offline life. Now of course not every person one meets is for you, correctly so or not, whether online or offline, and with some people I am glad to have only met as briefly as we did, because really, some of you, fuck you man, wow. And given my Perspective/view of Power where I not only see the winners and losers, from my own perspective, I do indeed keep score, naturally. But all that is just the face of it, that might even only be the result.

What is far more important, is my own process, and the ongoing investigation; why do I do the things that I do, or not do? Important and exiting, exhilarating at times, as I dive into the uncertainty of the quest, and all the different explorations that open up as I question myself.
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