Michelin Pilot Road 4

For Roadster, Sports, Sports Tourer, Trail

Outstanding on wet roads, especially when braking, MICHELIN Pilot Road 4 tyres are versatile and long-lasting.

Rubber that sticks to the road
An all new silica-enriched rubber compound enables MICHELIN Pilot Road 4 tyres to provide exceptional grip no matter what the angle, from – 5°C on dry roads and 2°C on wet roads, up to 45°C on almost any kind of road.

Last for 20% longer
Thanks to 2CT technology with brand new tread compounds and a redesigned tread pattern, MICHELIN Pilot Road 4 tyres last on average 20% longer than MICHELIN Pilot Road 3 tyres. These tyres feature chamfered sipe edges that help prevent abnormal wear in extreme conditions and under heavy braking.

Shorter braking distances on wet surfaces
Thanks to their new XST+ sipe technology, MICHELIN Pilot Road 4 tyres reduce braking distances on wet roads and very slippery surfaces like white lines and pedestrian crossings. The result is a safer, more reassuring ride.

Noticeably improved braking times
MICHELIN Pilot Road 4 Trail tyres are able to stop 17% shorter than their nearest competitor on wet roads and up to 24% shorter on very slippery wet surfaces such as white lines and pedestrian crossings.

Excellent grip
MICHELIN Pilot Road 4 tyres provide optimal grip when cornering because of their patented tread pattern and specific tread compounds. Tread grooving and siping also increases their ability to clear water.

Michelin always aims to bring together multiple performances. At MICHELIN, we never work on one isolated element of performance. Instead, we focus on the whole package: safety, durability and the thrill of riding… all at the same time and with no trade-offs. That’s what we mean by MICHELIN® Total Performance™, which has and will always be our difference on every tyre.

Michelin Pilot Road 4 Trial 110/80 R19 59V & Michelin Pilot Road 4 150/70 ZR17 (69W)

BMW R1100RS uit 1993 135.000km

exchanged for Yamaha TDM850 4TX

BMW R1100RS uit 1993 135.000km

R 1100 RS in gebruikte maar goede staat, aparte kleur zwart/antraciet, verkoop wegens overstap naar lichtere motorfiets.

Met werkende ABS voor en achter, handvat verwarming, goede accu en onderhouds rapport vorige eigenaar. Wilbers achtershock Type 641 Competition (compression low-speed and high-speed, adjustable rebound), steelflex remleidingen voor en achter. Hoge ruit (smoke), 2 identieke sleutels voor alle sloten (incl koffers).

En verder: Iridium bougies, K&N luchtfilter, GS handkappen, 24 steel floating bobbins op beide remschijven voor, stuur trilling dempers verwijdert (originele meegeleverd).
Recent vervangen: rempomp + cardan/final drive seal + oliedruk sensor + km kabel

Michelin Pilot Road 3 banden (2000km oud)
Kleppen en CO afgesteld (500km geleden), loopt zuinig en snel

Aandachtspunten: grootlicht schakelaar doet alleen seinen (2dehands schakelaar va €40). 3e versnelling wordt niet op de FID (scherm) weergegeven (maar werkt gewoon prima). Voorste zadel oppervlak begint langzaamaan slijtage te vertonen. Niet gepoetst wel schoon en lekvrij.

Komt met originele Touring Koffers (31 en 32Liter) en volledig kofferrek (kan originele topkoffer op)

Naissance d’une moto : la BMW

Reportage au cœur de l’usine motos BMW à Berlin où sont fabriqués et assemblées à la main les modèles du constructeur allemand. Dans les ateliers, les mécaniciens assemblent et testent les moteurs de type Bicylindre à plat, une machine se chargent des chromages des éléments, des manutentionnaires fabriques les roues à rayons puis sur la chaine d’assemblage, les éléments sont emboîtés pour recevoir le réservoir peint à la main.Les modèles ainsi sortis de la chaine (de type R90/6) sont finalement testés sur un banc.

R65GS specification differences

Motor Type
4 stroke, 2 cylinder, horizontally opposed “Boxer” engine, aircooled
Bore x Stroke
82 x 61,5 mm
84,8 x 70,6 mm
Cubic Capacity
649,6 cm3
797,5 cm3
Cylinder heads
R75/5, R80
81,96mm E=8,4
81,96mm E=8,7
Exhaust valves
Inlet valves
Max Power
27HP (20KW) at 5500rpm
48HP (35KW) at 7200rpm
50HP (37KW) at 6,500rpm
Max Torque
43Nm at 3500 rpm
52Nm at 5300rpm
56,7 Nm at 5,000rpm
Compression Ratio
8,4 : 1
9,2 : 1
8,2 : 1
Valves per cylinder
Valve control
ohv, using push rod and rocker arm
256 degrees
308 degrees
308 degrees
Carburation system
2 constant depression carburettors, Bing V 64
26mm 317-318
32mm 359-360
32mm 349-350
Main jet
Engine lubrication
wet sump
Power transmission
dry single plate, with lever-action diaphragm spring
Number of gears
Gear Selection
dog-type gearbox (ratchet foot lever)
Gear ratios
4,4 / 2,86 / 2,07 / 1,67 / 1,50 :1
Rear wheel ratio
1 : 3,44
1 : 3,36
1 : 3,36
Bevel / Crownwheel
9 : 31 teeth
11 : 37 teeth
11 : 37 teeth
Electrical system
Contact-free electronic ignition (Bosch)
Bosch 280 W
Bosch 0.7 kW
Bosch W7DC, Beru 14-7DU, Champion N9YC, NGK BP(R)6ES
Alternative Sparkplugs
NGK Iridium BPR6EIX, BP6EY, Denso Iridium IW20, Splitfire SF6D
Type of frame
double-loop tubular frame with bolt-on rear section
Front suspension
telescopic fork with hydraulic shock absorber
Rear suspension
BMW Monolever swinging arm
Spring travel front / rear
200 / 170 mm
Rim front
1.85 B 21
Rim rear
2.15 B 18
Tyres front
3.00-21 48 R
Tyres rear
4.00-18 64 R
Brakes front
single disc brake 260 mm dia
Brakes rear
simplex drum brake 200 mm dia
Dimensions / weights
Lengt x Width x Height
2230 x 820 x 1150 mm
Wheel base
1465 mm
Tank capacity
19,5 ltr
Weight empty
Unladen weight, full tank
Max permissible weight
Ground clearance
Fuel consumption
5,0 L / 100km (at 90km/h)
5,0 L / 100km (at 90km/h)
Top speed
Acceleration 0-100km/h
9,4 sec
7,1 sec
5,6 sec