November 2016

Boekpromotor Büch verbond op bevlogen wijze hoge en lage cultuur

Büchs dodo-botje

“Het zijn de buitenbeentjes, die het leven, de kunst, de journalistiek en de literatuur van kleur en  reuring voorzien. Zoals Özkan Akyol, Midas Dekkers, Arthur van Amerongen, A.H.J. Dautzenberg, wijlen Theo van Gogh en Boudewijn Büch. Die laatste – Boud voor intimi – strikte ik in de jaren tachtig als medewerker voor het boekenprogramma van de VPRO-radio, wat tot afkeuring leidde bij de culturele elite en veel zich achter een superioriteitscomplex verschuilende collega’s. Want dat geldt voor vrijwel alle dwarsliggers met excentrieke kantjes, ze trekken in het land waar egalitarisme en platvloersheid de volksaard kenmerken (wie verbeeld  je je wel dat je bent ?), al snel controverse en afgunst aan.

De vraag ‘wie verbeeld je je wel dat je bent ?’ is in het bijzonder van toepassing op schrijver, TV-presentator, poëet en fenomeen Boudewijn Büch omdat hij als geen ander van zijn leven fictie maakte. De verbeelding won het in zijn geval ruimschoots van de feiten, want die waren te banaal om als bouwstenen te dienen voor de kathedraal opgebouwd uit verzinsels, uitvergrote ervaringen, leugens en bedrog waarmee hij iedereen – geliefden, vrienden, collega’s en het grote publiek – grandioos in de maling nam.” – Paul Aalbers

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Human Nature


Gemaakt van Lycra, Polyester, Viloft. Uitermate geschikt voor sportieve activiteiten in koude omstandigheden, dient direct op de huid te worden gedragen. Is ideaal te combineren met dunnere bovenkleding. Is warmte regulerend, ademend, sneldrogend, het isoleert optimaal, het transpiratievocht wordt afgevoerd dankzij speciale Viloft vezels en houdt het lichaam warm en droog. Is naadloos, heerlijk soepel en zacht en heeft dus een hoog draagcomfort.

Thermo Ondergoed ANWB

The Jiva


“himself, who is exploring, is a product of that ignorance, and he can not really arrive at the cause of ignorance. He need not, because we are not exploring to know what ignorance is, we are exploring what we are ignorant of.” – Swami Dayananda Saraswati, Tattvabodhah

Radical Transformation: Is it Correct for Me? part2

By Leela Swann-Herbert


Part 2 – Transforming the Personality Experience

Radical Transformation offers advanced Human Design tools for transforming our experience with both the Body and the Personality. In the previous article, I discussed some of the body-related awareness experiences that Radical Transformation experimentation has provided.

This article continues this exploration with personality-related awareness benefits or aha moments, which have arisen through practice with these mechanical tools and observational skills, which you can experience for yourself through Radical Transformation.

The Personality is Who We Think We Are Filtered Through the Mind

It is the body that lives the life, but the personality is who we think we are. The development of conscious mental thoughts, or internal dialog, is an evolutionary achievement of the human brain which reached its apex in our 7-centered ancestors. In 7-centered humans, the ability to identify with the thinking process, to be the thinker, was a logical extension of the mind as decision-maker.

As 9-Centered humans, we have the gift of an advanced body which provides us with access to an Inner Authority, to the body’s intelligence as decision-maker; and yet, the personality remains identified with the thinker. For the personality, this trust in the body’s authority, regardless of the personality’s commentary, can shatter the illusion that life is under personality control. This can be disorienting for the personality, as it loses its ‘job’ and influence. However, there is a new role for the personality that the practice of Radical Transformation tools provides: the role of observer of the life, and to be able to communicate what has been learned.
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MoonBlog 31.2 arrogance

In relationships one can be heard saying: “I have a problem with you about money”, which is an interesting story. Because basically we ourselves have a problem about money then, but the mind uses the other as a lightning rod to distract us from that. And so an argument, about money, or about the other, begins. Drama made up by the mind.

The problem is about money then, so we think, but besides money being ‘the root of all evil’ in some circles, money can’t talk back it does not respond to our worries and woes, so money is quickly dropped as being the focus of our problem and only the other is left to carry that accusation and weight.

But who is having said problem? We have, well actually, our mind has a problem. And then uses us, money and the other as reasons to dramatize.

See, the story is not about the other, it is not even about money and it certainly is not about us ourselves.
The story is about the story (!!) as the mind wants to dramatize and make up different beliefs to heckle us incessantly and distract us from things actually already being ok, so it can stay in control to run our lives.

“See, look the other, or money, there is your problem, see how right I am and good I am taking care of you?”

And we tend to think the story is about the other, money or even ourselves, when none of those are the issue. We waste countless hours considering this & that, but the only real issue we have, is the stories themselves that we hear and run with. The stories we are being distracted by in the illusion of even having a problem in the first place. And then we try to -resolve the topic- of that story, with more countless hours of energy, discussions, perhaps even going online looking for support for this issue, or pay someone to listen to us having all these issues, where slowly as we peel away the layers of our thinking about the other first, money second, ourselves third, we think (again) to have a handle on things, on our issues, while making elaborate schemes how to handle money, how to deal with the other with money, how we look at our own issues with money too. Patting ourselves on the back how far we think we’ve come.

When the made-up story itself is never looked at, the foundation, the reasons of even having the story to begin with.
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Radical Transformation: Is it Correct for Me? part1

By Leela Swann-Herbert


Part 1 – Transforming the Body Experience

The majority of people who discover Human Design experiment with their Strategy and Inner Authority. They discover an easier life, one not limited by meeting resistance. They come closer and closer to living the life that is correct for their design. However, this is not the same as fulfilling the possibility of one’s process of transforming and living a life beyond compare, an awake and aware life.

When Ra first introduced the tools of Radical Transformation through the Variables, he commented that only a small group of individuals who discover Human Design will go on to realize their potential through experimentation with their Variables. It’s not a necessary part of every person’s path with Human Design; however, when it is correct, it can lead to an exceptional and deeply individual process of self-discovery.

For the past 8 years, Dharmen and I have guided year-long online Transformation Courses and supported individuals step by step in the discovery of their uniqueness through the tools of Radical Transformation. Over the years, we have found that there are aha moments, what may be called awareness benefits, which tend to arise when we put into practice the mechanical tools and observational skills of Radical Transformation. Here are some body-related awareness benefits that you can experience for yourself through Radical Transformation.


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MoonBlog 37.2 Responsibility

A thing to perhaps notice is our deep running drive, to negotiate with life. To seek ways to alter what needs to be done, when for instance entering into our Human Design experiment. How we, us, our ego, our minds, wants to have a say in which way things work, and seeks to put terms on our own deconditioning process, which is hilarious to watch and see, as we come up with all sorts of excuses why we would like to change our experience of things.

And thus our ego/mind keeps hold of our process, of our lives, of what -is- going on in it. And while continuing to feel a victim of circumstance, of this, of that, of you, but also me, of the teacher, of our Strategy & Authority, of the new president elect. We seek short-cuts to justify the means to reach a certain goal, but get so caught up in seeking these short-cuts, as our minds have laid out an intricate plan to attain it, we probably will never reach that goal we attempt to reach in the first place.

As the Buddha supposedly has said:
“My teaching is a raft whereon men may reach the far shore
The sad fact is that so many mistake the raft for the shore”

We will not reach the far shore at all (we won’t even get on the boat!!), as we negotiate what kind of boat, how much the crossing will cost, how long it will take, what seating arrangement, and who to partner up with in the cabin (wait, what, there are actual cabins too, how much for those !?? Really that much, is there a discount if I do this, or can prove that I am that?) on and on and on…
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