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No -direct- Inner Authority

“if such a thing is true, the mechanical absolutes of the Maya do not hold up”

Over the years there were a few discussions (on FaceBook) about Inner Authority and particularly for Mental Projectors and Reflectors not having any at all. For many new Reflectors that started looking into the studies and materials this came up as odd or incomprehensible. Knowing without being able to formulate well, that something inside does make decisions. In other groups or places some of the exchanges about this topic became quite heated and lots of stuff was thrown in the mix, including some very off-topic personal issues by several supposedly professional people into Human Design.

One part of the argument was, that Ra never said such a thing, and that those people, or Types simply had -no- Inner Authority, and several people believing this to be true supported this.

And then it turned into not having any ‘consistent’ inner authority, which is ludicrous considering -how- the process operates itself to -get to- the inner authority might be inconsistent, but the result does not need to be consistent or not consistent, it is a non argument, irrelevant.

Of course there is the mention of the eBook by Dharmen and Leela ‘Your Own Authority – A Beginner’s Guide to Human Design’ (which is available since April 2012 at Jovian Archive and IHDS and on their own page here) where the differentiation is made between Center based Inner Authority, and Process based Inner Authority. Considering the emotional wave of the Solar Plexus defined people, not being consistent either. The process itself is not consistent, not clearly determined, defined, can’t put a clock on it. But the result, for however much clarity is actually possible, is consistent. An answer will come, yes or no.

Another part of the argument was, that both Mental Projectors and Reflectors and also a few people observing them wondered, but what then, does make decisions? There has to be something that makes decisions for ones self, and why would this not be named Inner Authority? A more logic approach to this question I find.

Another part is, as a Reflector, observing myself having become clear, determined, witnessing to be absolutely driven beyond my mental convictions, to engage, or not engage. Something internal has decided. Not any Moon doing this for me and leaving a note for me on my desk. Not any environment, that grouphug over me into submission to do or not do this or that. No, something inside knows and then the mind comes to understand, and sometimes even not! But there is a happening, correctly. That now is the time for this course, but not for this course. That yes now is the time to become intimate with this person, and not this other one. To travel, to take or leave jobs. Connected to the Trajectory that is mine and for me.

And now, there are (at least) 2 (two) recordings of Ra mentioning this and calling it ‘No Direct Inner Authority’ but Inner Authority all the same.


And one of them, you can simply buy, for quite a while as a series from Jovian Archive in ‘The Mechanics of the Maia – Authority Series‘ of videos or only the one recording that is called ‘Inner Authority – No Direct Inner Authority‘ (recording date unknown but mentioned in the Human Design Journal newsletter of November 2009, which, if anyone is counting, is almost 7 years already at the time of writing) and deals with exactly that: “Definition is what leads us to see both Type and where the decision making Authority lies. In this lecture, Ra takes us through the two very different variations of those who have no direct inner authority: Reflectors and Mental Projectors. For these two types, the conditioning of the homogenized world is the greatest distorting factor. Learn how it takes time for them to build up the energy to navigate through their lives. It is a process that takes technique, patience and awareness.”

But I will quote the part of the actual recording that really matters:

Hello and welcome to the Mechanics of the Maia and to Authority, Inner Authority. And today we’re going to look at two variations of beings who have no direct, and please note my language, have no direct Inner Authority. Everybody within the context of Human Design -within Human Design mechanics, everybody has a way in which they can make decisions correctly as themselves. Clearly for those beings who have a direct Inner Authority that process is something, not so much that it’s easier but that’s something that is clearly discernable for them and they can access it. That is if you’re a Generator, a pure Generator and you are unemotional then your direct Inner Authority is going to be your response in the moment.

Another recording is an overview reading on a Mental Projector by Ra that someone gave me, so I don’t know who about or where to get it publicly nor when it is recorded, but I’ll quote:

…there is only the connection of the Ajna to the Throat or the Head Ajna to the Throat, means you’re one of these beings that doesn’t have any direct inner authority. There is no direct inner authority in the same way as for a Reflector there is no direct inner authority. There is a way of finding that authority…

A link with another quote from Ra:

Q: how should mental projectors with no inner authority correctly make decisions in the world?”

So Emotionally Defined, Mental Projectors and Reflectors have ‘no direct Inner Authority’ or perhaps better said a ‘Process based Inner Authority’ the rest has a ‘Center based Inner Authority’. Can somebody put this in all books and teachings?

MoonBlog 16.6

Gate 16 of skills, enthousiasm. The great art of enriching life by the harmonic channeling of energy
Gate 16 Line 6 Gullibility. The susceptibility to propaganda.
Exalted: The ability to experience, examine and then reject misleading enthusiasm. The talent to assess the expression of others.
Detriment: The same principle but where Neptune will destroy and then seek new forms, Jupiter will painfully withdraw. Its enthusiasm for social structures permanently prejudiced. The failure to assess the expression of others.