Ikea Tupplur

– The blind is cordless for increased child safety.
– The blackout blind has a special coating and does not let any light through.
– Can be mounted inside or outside the window frame, or in the ceiling.
– You can cut the right side of the roller blind (up to 20 cm) to fit your window.

The motorbike rides again ! :-)


The bike has got a new/2nd-hand brake-pump (only half the mileage), new speedometer cable, brand new hand guards, wiring for GPS and Gerbing heated gloves, new oil seal in the final drive, the valves clearances are checked & adjusted and the CO from 5.5% back to 1.5% (!), front wheel has a new air valve and both fuel lines now have a dual-sided quick dis/connect.

So took the bike for a test drive to get the Ikea Garlic tool 😉


Moon Blog 39.2

There is this chair that I like.

It started out quite a few months ago, when me and my then-girlfriend figured we’d like a comfy but not big/plush chair near the window, to sit in and read in the sunshine while being able to peek outside. To the sky, the city, the people way downstairs. And maybe even sit in together.

As I pondered what kind of chair, I happened to look online at a second hand website and also the Ikea website, and there it was, the Nolmyra. A perfect little light chair, but seemingly very comfortable and high enough for comfy reading and peeking outside, and perhaps even big enough for two. At least it was open enough on the sides.

But, it was not available, it could not even be ordered, and was not in store in any of the 12 Dutch shops. ‘How very odd, to have a chair on their website’, I thought, ‘but to be completely unavailable.’
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