April 2020

TC Electronic Mimiq Doubler Pedal

The Mimiq is a precision tone sculptor that imitates the long-used studio method of double tracking. Almost every rock record in the last 50 years has relied upon double tracking to add thickness and character to any instrument under the sun. The Mimiq breathes new life into this technique by giving you the choice of duplicating your original signal up to 3 more times for thick, chewy riffs and sparkling clean tones that will remind you of rock records of yore. The Tightness knob provides a varying degree of spatial separation, from tight, robotic tracking to loose, chorus-like doubling. Dialing in just the right amount of dry signal is a breeze thanks to individual Effect and Dry knobs. The Effect knob controls the amount of doubled signal in the path, while the Dry knob dials in the amount of clean signal. If the Mimiq doesn’t create enough space in mono, it features true stereo ins and outs for an authentic mix-filling doubler experience.

Mimiq Doubler couldn’t be further from the crude artificial double tracking devices of yesteryear. Mimiq is a new breed. It’s AUTHENTIC double tracking! When you’re double tracking in the studio, each take is different. There’ll be slight differences in your timing, your attack and your pitch. All of these random factors are what gives the final recording depth and that larger than life feel. Hence we’ve spent countless hours and consumed countless cups of coffee in order to create an innovative algorithm that perfectly captures all of these beautiful elusive nuances, letting you access the magic of the studio directly through your pedalboard.Mimiq Doubler makes you the master of puppets, letting you pull the strings of up to three clones of yourself. And when you say “ROCK!” they ask “How Hard!?”. Make ’em follow your lead with razor sharp precision, or let them hang back a little for a more loose and groovy feel. Heck, you can even pour some imaginary beer on them for extremely out-of-sync riffin’, just to test your drummer’s sanity.The world of rock simply wouldn’t have been the same without doubling. Metallica’s “Ride The Lightning” would have been a pretty anemic affair without its bone-crushing wall of quad-tracked axes. Dimebag Darrel’s riffs wouldn’t have sounded far beyond driven, and Randy Rhodes’ solos would have lost some serious sizzle if he hadn’t triple-tracked them. With Mimiq Doubler and its stereo I/O capabilities you can easily recreate these huge recorded tones live on stage. But be careful, once you turn it on, you may never want to turn it off again.