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Yamaha YP250R X-MAX for sale

Techpulley Powerclutch TPX4K145-A +spring dark green, DR8EIX iridium bougie, MBTX9u MotoBatt accu, Osram HS1 LED, DNA High Performance Air Filter, 12V gps aansluiting + Ram mount B-347U, gopro klem, steelflex voor en achter, 1C0-W0736-00 bagagedrager, Ermax 55cm windscherm ‘transparent brown’, Michelin City Grip banden. Verbruik ongeveer 1:25 🙂 Prijs: €1.500,-

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Lunar Cycle Calculations

If you’ve reached this page and still don’t get what the fuzz is about: – It takes the Moon ~27.5 days to go through all 64 Gates in the BodyGraph or Rave Mandala (Tropical month)

The Lunar Cycle lasts roughly, on average (!) 27.3 days, more easily referred to as 27.5 days, many Reflectors say 28.5 days, even if it is observed as short as 26.6 days as you can see on this page.

Never 29.5 days, since that is the Cycle of the Lunar Phases which is the observation from Earth of reflected Sunlight on the surface of the Moon (ie synodic month), which has no direct relation to the Moon’s actual position relative to the Earth and through the Rave Mandala.

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MoonCycle Length 2012
MoonCycle Length 2012 in CEST

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One Lunar Cycle

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