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Sieg X2P Paulimot mini mill belt drive conversion kit

– Low speed is now up to 1500 rpm, high speed is up to 4700 rpm (approximate values​​, was 1100/2500)).
– The small pulley has a 9 mm bore with 3 mm keyway. The large pulley has a 30 mm bore with a 5 mm keyway.
– Super precision aluminium pulleys.
– Special Polyurethane 60 degree V belt for small pulleys. Minimum flection resistance, minimum power loss, maximum belt life. Polyurethane 60 degree V belts (Mitsubishi) performs appropriate and best results for small size pulleys.
– More lightweight and aesthetic, higher durability.
– Wide sliding mechanism for a easy belt change.
– Practical automatic locking mechanism for the work spindle.
– Belt cover can be replaced quickly.
– Easy installation in a short time. Moreover, without making permanent changes to machine. via

Well, I chose to remove the plastic gears and axle with bearings, gear shifter etc 😉
Communication and shipping were excellent, needed a little wiggling to get the pulleys on the same height on my X2P, overall super satisfied, highly recommended.
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Taig Peatol Grimberg mini lathe

After not liking some elements of the first lathe I got, the Emco Unimat 4 I went looking for another one, that did have those features or differently than this Emco, while still being quite small in size, but not capability.
An Emco Compact 5 was an option, cause it could also do threading, but most for sale were too expensive for their age/usage and not a lot were offered anyways. The 2 major other ones were Sherline and Taig (also known als Peatol or Grimberg) and even if Sherline also makes a lot of stuff in metric, you just don’t see them sold in EU much, Taig however, even if not metric, was. And then I found one.

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Step file edit with Fusion360

Get this file:

Wanting to mount it however to this:
which has different mounting holes (47.5mm versus 52.5mm and, need to be for M4)


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Obstructive and Central Sleep Apnea Syndrome

As it turns out, after a sleep measuremement

that where up to 5 breath stops is normal (per hour), I have 66
I snore at 68dB (like a loud telephone)
sleep too light and often wake myself, out of breath or cause of own snoring noise
have (at lowest) only 70% blood/oxygen saturation

which is super heavy on the body/arteries (like running a marathon), which then may/be cause of acid reflux issues and overweight (metabolism troubles). So I need a cpap machine (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure)

Yamaha YP250R X-MAX for sale

Techpulley Powerclutch TPX4K145-A +spring dark green, DR8EIX iridium bougie, MBTX9u MotoBatt accu, Osram HS1 LED, DNA High Performance Air Filter, 12V gps aansluiting + Ram mount B-347U, gopro klem, steelflex voor en achter, 1C0-W0736-00 bagagedrager, Ermax 55cm windscherm ‘transparent brown’, Michelin City Grip banden. Verbruik ongeveer 1:25 🙂 Prijs: €1.500,-

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µTracer 3+ build 8

Part 8. grid bias circuit construction

Part 8. grid bias circuit testing and calibration

measuring -12.64 Volt regardless of Calibration slider after making one mistake
I put D21 (HER108) in the spot of D12
during step C9 I found out (because I had 2 more items left instead of 1)

I unsoldered HER108 and put in D21 and then put the correct 1N5934 in D12

follow the whole build here: µTracer 3+ build

Axial Capre (ie 2 Capri)

In the Blue corner, as original as I could keep it (HH 2700Kv Puller Pro) 15T pinion, 2.2 alu beadlocks with Louise Champ tires and Double Deuce foams.

In the Red Corner, as unoriginal as I could with RC4WD AX-2 speed with 20T pinion 52T Spur, HH 3500Kv Puller Pro, TRX-4 axles and lots of brass (links etc), overdrive in front, SpareTimeHobbies Skid, 2.2 alu beadlocks with snipped TRX-4 Canyon Trail tires and Double Deuce foams

Both running Gens-Ace 3S 11.4V 3600mAh battery and Mamba X and JX steering servo and TRX-4 90mm shocks and MIP #18250 TRX-4 driveshafts and Spektrum SR515 receivers.

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