The issue of reflectors and the four paths to enlightenment

“Since time immemorial, man has hankered after a state of transcendence from the form in which he finds himself locked. This state has been called so many different names – nirvana, moksha, brahman, satori, enlightenment, awakening…

This issue of enlightenment is deeply ingrained within the Human Design Revelation. The actual terminology is important here since Design notes a difference between enlightenment and awakening. Awakening is referred to as being in absolute alignment with our original nature. It is as simple as being oneself. Enlightenment is a rather more slanted terminology, since its etymology hints towards the word ‘light’. In other words, enlightenment, as a word, can be deeply divisive and misleading. To dwell within the light is to dwell in an extreme, and many enlightenment teachings over the centuries have sought to escape the darker side of human nature. Awakening is a broader term – you can be awake and in the light or asleep and in the light and you can be asleep in the dark or awake in the dark.
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Yamaha XT350

swingarm/link los, vast (59Nm), gruis :

verbouwd tapeind onderste bout oliefilterdeksel, plastic tandwielen nog ok, groene zeep :

dicht, met neue kick keerring, kleppendekselbout is geen imbus…, kleplichter moet los… :

stukje dan…, klepsteltool in use, IN 2.50mm UIT 2.30mm, echt waar :

Wrong :

Te vroeg dus… :

Te laat dan maar… :

(1na laatste foto nokkenassen goed, laatste foto T goed)

Valve tappet adjusting tool

XT350 valve tappet adjusting tool

Expensive, terribly made, lot of clearance between tool and valve lifters


Cheaper, better made, better/tighter fit


How to: 1 rod of Stainless Steel 316

cut into slices

drill a hole

mill a bit off at each side

saw in half, drill hole, sandpaper it a bit, done



Tosti roels

1 bruin brood, 20 plakken kaas, 10 plakken ham