MoonBlog 54.6 Selectivity

Career reflector, or a reflectors’ career?

– So here I am (hmm favorite intro line?), in Ibiza for the 2009 event.

It’s Sunday the 5th, I’m a little early to meet up with different people inside and outside of the Hotel and at 5PM I go to the BG5 lecture. Since I’m not only interested in what makes people tick, but also in the relations between people in different circumstances (work, love, etc), I did not want to miss this one.
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MoonBlog 32.4 Right is might

How was your variable today?

-So here I am, 3 days early before the 2009 Ibiza event (flight was much cheaper), raining outside, in an apartment with 26 Spanish TV channels, no internet, and forgotten how to speak the language (mainly because my French improved so much since I was last in Spain, ehrm 17 years ago?), alone/lonely, damn… w t f did I do… Well since I’m here better make the best of it, so dragged myself outside for groceries, site seeing, internet cafe, etcetera
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MoonBlog 46.2 The prima donna

Stupid body …

-So, here I am, after days of browsing, looking/listening, finally registered (red: on the humandesignglobal ning forum) and found many more people here than anticipated. So now even more access to all these peoples journeys, very good. Great initiative and very wanted/needed (oeps there goes my transference), tnx to Eden and I believe Alissa.
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R65GS specification differences

Motor Type
4 stroke, 2 cylinder, horizontally opposed “Boxer” engine, aircooled
Bore x Stroke
82 x 61,5 mm
84,8 x 70,6 mm
Cubic Capacity
649,6 cm3
797,5 cm3
Cylinder heads
R75/5, R80
81,96mm E=8,4
81,96mm E=8,7
Exhaust valves
Inlet valves
Max Power
27HP (20KW) at 5500rpm
48HP (35KW) at 7200rpm
50HP (37KW) at 6,500rpm
Max Torque
43Nm at 3500 rpm
52Nm at 5300rpm
56,7 Nm at 5,000rpm
Compression Ratio
8,4 : 1
9,2 : 1
8,2 : 1
Valves per cylinder
Valve control
ohv, using push rod and rocker arm
256 degrees
308 degrees
308 degrees
Carburation system
2 constant depression carburettors, Bing V 64
26mm 317-318
32mm 359-360
32mm 349-350
Main jet
Engine lubrication
wet sump
Power transmission
dry single plate, with lever-action diaphragm spring
Number of gears
Gear Selection
dog-type gearbox (ratchet foot lever)
Gear ratios
4,4 / 2,86 / 2,07 / 1,67 / 1,50 :1
Rear wheel ratio
1 : 3,44
1 : 3,36
1 : 3,36
Bevel / Crownwheel
9 : 31 teeth
11 : 37 teeth
11 : 37 teeth
Electrical system
Contact-free electronic ignition (Bosch)
Bosch 280 W
Bosch 0.7 kW
Bosch W7DC, Beru 14-7DU, Champion N9YC, NGK BP(R)6ES
Alternative Sparkplugs
NGK Iridium BPR6EIX, BP6EY, Denso Iridium IW20, Splitfire SF6D
Type of frame
double-loop tubular frame with bolt-on rear section
Front suspension
telescopic fork with hydraulic shock absorber
Rear suspension
BMW Monolever swinging arm
Spring travel front / rear
200 / 170 mm
Rim front
1.85 B 21
Rim rear
2.15 B 18
Tyres front
3.00-21 48 R
Tyres rear
4.00-18 64 R
Brakes front
single disc brake 260 mm dia
Brakes rear
simplex drum brake 200 mm dia
Dimensions / weights
Lengt x Width x Height
2230 x 820 x 1150 mm
Wheel base
1465 mm
Tank capacity
19,5 ltr
Weight empty
Unladen weight, full tank
Max permissible weight
Ground clearance
Fuel consumption
5,0 L / 100km (at 90km/h)
5,0 L / 100km (at 90km/h)
Top speed
Acceleration 0-100km/h
9,4 sec
7,1 sec
5,6 sec


The issue of reflectors and the four paths to enlightenment

“Since time immemorial, man has hankered after a state of transcendence from the form in which he finds himself locked. This state has been called so many different names – nirvana, moksha, brahman, satori, enlightenment, awakening…

This issue of enlightenment is deeply ingrained within the Human Design Revelation. The actual terminology is important here since Design notes a difference between enlightenment and awakening. Awakening is referred to as being in absolute alignment with our original nature. It is as simple as being oneself. Enlightenment is a rather more slanted terminology, since its etymology hints towards the word ‘light’. In other words, enlightenment, as a word, can be deeply divisive and misleading. To dwell within the light is to dwell in an extreme, and many enlightenment teachings over the centuries have sought to escape the darker side of human nature. Awakening is a broader term – you can be awake and in the light or asleep and in the light and you can be asleep in the dark or awake in the dark.
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Yamaha XT350

swingarm/link los, vast (59Nm), gruis :

verbouwd tapeind onderste bout oliefilterdeksel, plastic tandwielen nog ok, groene zeep :

dicht, met neue kick keerring, kleppendekselbout is geen imbus…, kleplichter moet los… :

stukje dan…, klepsteltool in use, IN 2.50mm UIT 2.30mm, echt waar :

Wrong :

Te vroeg dus… :

Te laat dan maar… :

(1na laatste foto nokkenassen goed, laatste foto T goed)

Valve tappet adjusting tool

XT350 valve tappet adjusting tool

Expensive, terribly made, lot of clearance between tool and valve lifters


Cheaper, better made, better/tighter fit


How to: 1 rod of Stainless Steel 316

cut into slices

drill a hole

mill a bit off at each side

saw in half, drill hole, sandpaper it a bit, done



Tosti roels

1 bruin brood, 20 plakken kaas, 10 plakken ham